Your home is your safe haven, your personal comfort space where you find peace and warmth – in a nutshell, home is where the heart is. And we truly believe that the place you build is an extension of your personality. It reflects everything from your lifestyle to your likes and interests, which means you need to put your heart and soul into making it a true sneak peek of your life. Whether it’s the eclectic and colorful retreat of a world traveler or the contemporary space of a minimalist, let your home be filled with everything that you love. To get you started, we introduce you to the popular décor themes that you can bring into your house while revamping it.

Traditional for the Classic Lover

A traditional décor is classic, probably like the one you grew up in. It’s familiar, comfortable and rooted in culture, making you truly feel at home with its furniture carvings, ornate lamps and chandeliers, warm shades, block prints and chinaware. People are often drawn to a traditional décor for its beauty and timeless sensibility. Thanks to its revival, it’s back to being one of the most sought-after décor styles in interior designing. For a new age take on traditional style, keep a neutral shade as the base with occasional pop of colour for visual interest. Instead of too many small pieces, make use of a few large statement accessories to keep the look uncluttered and clean. Include a mix of textures like metal, wood and knit to put together a cozy home.

Modern for the Elegant

Simple and chic, the modern décor has its roots in the Scandinavian and German architecture that focuses on form and function. Though it belongs to an era, it has always managed to look fresh and new age with its adherence to clean lines and non-fussy design elements. Colours play an important role in a modern home so make way for some bold hues that strike a statement. From bed linen to curtains, dabble in colour blocking and contrasting hues to set the tone of a home that’s visually appealing while being subtle on shapes and structures. With a base that’s simple, a modern home allows you to add some spark with décor accessories and lightings. Add a set of rustic lamps or industrial lights for an unexpected addition to keep things interesting.

Bohemian for the Free-spirited

A bohemian décor is for the care-free at heart, for the ones who love to experiment, mix and match and find solace in chaos. It has a more relaxed approach that doesn’t believe in symmetry or in keeping things prim and proper. It is inspired by people, ideologies and beliefs that are unconventional and stand out. Although there aren’t any specific rules, a boho-chic home sees a fascinating mix of earthy hues and jewel tones with a dash of metallics. Feel free to layer hues, add textures, prints and patterns that do not go perfectly together. From tie and dye, to suzani and ikat, bring together art from across the world to warm up your home. Hang lanterns of different shapes, use tapestry as a wall art, create a niche with vintage art or put together anything eclectic to create a home that’s truly you.

Contemporary for the Minimalist

Contemporary style is inspired by the current times which follows the ‘less is more’ design discipline. If you like a home that focuses on space, updated with a touch of futuristic design, then this aesthetic will appeal to you the most. Although contemporary décor elements take inspiration from the modern era, it’s the predominant use of neutral shades like black, grey and white that makes it feel really sleek and mod. For a contemporary home that feels natural effortlessly, choose fabrics like linen, cotton, wool, silk and jute. You can always experiment with statement wall arts and accessories that are minimal yet striking to add depth to your home.