The best time of the year is almost here, which is why you need to channel the good times and soak in the joy of giving. These amazing gifts are bound to help!

Sphero Star Wars BB8 with ForceBand

Sphero Star Wars BB8 with ForceBand
When we first saw this cute toy in action, we honestly did not believe our eyes. It not only responds to your gestures and does everything from rolling about, emoting and more but also has a personality. Use the ForceBand to unleash an evening packed with Star Wars kind of fun and send a clear message to the galaxy!

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Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast Audio Media Streaming Device
With over 200,000 TV shows & films, 30 million songs and more to choose from, Chromecast puts the power back into your hands. We love it more because it lets us be our lazy selves and helps us to beam content from our smartphone or tablet to our new or old TV without a fuss. Trust us, it will be the most rewarding Rs 3399 you will spend.

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Amazon Echo

amazon echo
There’s that unconditional love we devote to things that help us feel peace and invite us to be lazier. The Echo is one such amazing product that simply works without complaining. You can simply speak to the Echo to fish out the latest news from around the world or you can even ask it to play your favourite song. Need to know when the deluge will clear? Simple ask for weather updates. Oh by the way, you better call an Uber, getting late for that date aren’t we?

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

hair dryer
No this particular hair dryer wont rip out your scalp in the name of having you look better. It simply is a space age grooming product that just wants to help, while look fantastic at the same time. We mean, look at this thing! James Dyson designed it himself. There is a ton of tech packed on the inside you make your hair look fabulous on the outside. Go buy!

Smart Retro Pop-up Hot Dog Toaster

Well there are some basic prerequisites that are necessary for you to qualify as someone whose stomach growls at the very thought of food. Any food is good food, fridge makes food tastier, food dropped on the floor can be hand if picked up within ten seconds. Now we love bacon, pizza, cheese and all things greasy. You on the other hand love hot dogs. Which is why you need this manna from the heaven handy to help you serve em when required. Which is now.

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