You might have a 20-MP smartphone camera, but what good is it if your photos look like ordinary images. The right filter or editing tool can make your picture stand out. And there are a ton of photo-editing apps for it that are much better than your basic Instagram functions. We pick a few photo-editing app with interesting and creative features that will enhance your albums.
snapseed This is one of the most powerful apps used by photographers and blogger who take their photos seriously. It is powered by Google. Apart from some very mood-setting styles like Vintage and Retrolux, it also has a ‘Selective’ function that lets you select a certain area in the photo and edit it separately. Download: for Android, for iOS
vsco Another popular name among photo-editing apps is the VSCO Cam. Not only can you use it to edit but also shoot images with superior mobile presets and camera control. VSCO also has a community of people using the app where you can explore and follow each other collections. Download: for Android, for iOS
pixlr With over 2 million combinations of free filters, effects and overlays, this app is a hit with whatever your image may be. From selfies to travel and food pictures, this app can make every moment captured beautiful. You can use it to make collages, layer multiple pictures together, turn them into pencil sketches, add texts to them and a lot more. Download: for Android, for iOS
MOLDIV With this app, you can add filters to your pictures in real time. Did we mention you get over 180 filters? It also has a beauty camera that offers you beauty filters designed specifically for selfies. You can use it too in real time. You can also make collages with it. And not just regular collages like any other apps, it allows you to create magazine style collages with editable texts on the sides. Download: for Android, for iOS Images via Google Play Store