Evon to photo frame thai gayo*, but apro Freddie Mercury is still one of the best known Parsi gentlemen around. Born Farrokh Balsara, he studied in Mumbai and Panchgini - where he learned the piano - and sited Lata Mangeshkar as one of his early musical influences. When he grew up, he fronted Queen, one of the greatest glam-meets-hard rock bands around, and wrote several foot-stamping anthems. His trophy shelf sagged; he co-owned a Guinness World Record and was a regular Hall of Fame-er (Rock ‘n’ Roll, Grammys). To celebrate Parsi New Year, we’ve picked 6 of the best live performances by one of the greatest Parsi musicians ever. We promise, he will rock you.

Live Aid (1985)

Barcelona (feat. Montserrat Caballé, 1988)

Bohemian Rhapsody (Live at Wembley Stadium, 1986)

We Will Rock You (Wembley, 1986)

Somebody To Love, (Live Rock Montreal, 1981)

Fat Bottomed Girls, (Milton Keynes, 1982)

  *To find out what this line, and many other (hilarious) Parsi phrases mean, click here.   Also read: From Persia to India: Tracing the Steps of a Community Through Gara