Now you might be cool, but being hipster cool goes a few notches higher. For starters, hipsters never follow cultural mainstreams, well not the ordinary kind at least. Right from their fashion to their tech, their swagometer always towers high. If you know a friend who's a hipster and wanna gift him something, look no further. Here’s our hipster gift guide for the best tech accessories on the block.
An instant camera
Fujifilm INSTAX MINI 70 Instant Camera
Their addiction to Instagram doesn’t get any more real than this. With old school hues and the ability to print pictures almost instantly, this camera is the ultimate throwback to the yesteryears polaroid.
A boombox
Perfect Life Ideas 5219 Bluetooth Boombox Speaker
They’re all about retro revival. This modern take on the classic boombox perfectly complements those pseudo vintage trends and cool kid vibes hipsters are known to radiate.
The iPhone
Apple iPhone 6 64GB
There cannot be a more hipster device than the iPhone. Why? Because hipsters are all about being the one percenters of the lot.
A kindle
All New Kindle Basic
Rimmed glasses + kindle + coffee shop = hipster. You know what we’re talking about, don’t you! Also Read: Read More On the Go with These 5 E-Readers
A fitness tracker
FITBIT Flex Fitness Tracker
Talking about cool swag, how do we miss the trendiest wearable gadget of our times. A fitness tracker is what puts the hip in hipster. Cover Image Courtesy:

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