Information overload makes buying new appliances exceedingly difficult. Especially when said appliances come loaded with an amazingly large number of (decidedly cool) features. So how do you buy the right washing machine for your needs? Start with the basics. Front load washing machines are generally considered to be gentler on clothes, and loaded it more washing programmes and modes. Also consider the technologies used to clean your clothes. IFB, which has been building smart washing machines for Indian households for the last four decades, checks out well on both these fronts.

Why you should consider a front load washing machine

Firstly, front load machines are much better at cleaning clothes because of the absence of the central agitators - usually found in top load machines - that help spin clothes. These agitators tend to catch threads and fray clothes during a wash. On the other hand, a front load machine makes use of gravity to spin the clothes and hence is much gentler on them.   Secondly, front load washing machines are very efficient both in terms of electricity and water usage. They work in a way that uses less water to soak and wash clothes. Use of detergent is also less, compared to conventional top-load ones. Since these machines can take larger loads, you need fewer wash cycles to take care of large cloth loads. Hence, they end up saving electricity too. Front load washing machines are the quietest of the lot and are much more reliable. Since they have lesser moving parts, chances of breaking down are much lower.

How IFB washing machines clean your clothes

When we talk about front load machines, IFB has good products and the required after-sales service. And then there are the washing programmes:

Air Bubble Wash Mode

IFB’s Air Bubble Wash technology uses bubbles to wash clothes optimally. Bubbles formed by the machine help penetrating the fabric and help remove dirt and strains efficiently.

3D Wash

Clothes are best cleaned when they’re completely soaked in a detergent solution. IFB’s 3D wash system makes use of 3 nozzles to spray water inside the drum as it rotates 360 degrees. This method ensures dissolving of detergents and deep penetration of detergents into the clothes while washing. This results in a much better and cleaner wash.

Cradle Wash

When it comes to washing more expensive and delicate fabrics like satin or silk, we’re always cautious of putting them in a washing machine. IFB's trademark Cradle Wash mode helps to wash delicate fabrics gently, using a rocking-like motion. This prevents harsh detergents or vigorous motion from damaging the fabric.

You'll be covered by an extended warranty

All IFB washing machines offer a best-in-class 4-year comprehensive warranty. Apart from the Super Warranty, it also offers 10-year support for its parts. So even if you encounter a problem, which is unlikely, IFB will have your back.

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