Not even petrichor can capture the essence of the rains the way the smell of piping hot pakoras infused with the aromas of boiling chai can do. The spicy affair of cutting chai and pakoras are an integral part of the way we enjoy this season. This classic combination is more than just food. It is an emotion. For all those who insist that a lot can happen over coffee, apparently haven’t spent their days huddled under the roof of a tiny tea stall in the pouring rain, in the corner of a street, bonding over the simple joys in life. Office goers, college students, taxi wallahs, like its various patrons, chai and pakoras come in diverse flavours to suit everyone’s needs. Spicy chilli pakoras with aromatic cardamom tea, or classic onion bhajis with masala chai, what’s your favourite of them all? Like the article? Also read: Hacks to Take Care of Your Gadgets in Monsoon The Definitive ‘Stay Safe This Monsoon’ Checklist Ask Me How To: Try two or more colour combinations like a fashion blogger We grew up with these flavours, but today between work and life, sometimes it gets too busy to stop and smell the chai. For times like these, you can bring these flavours home. Sit by the window, watch the rain and enjoy that familiar crunch and sip. With this gadget duo, you can recreate this monsoon street food on your own.

Kettle made chai tea You can’t add milk to a kettle, but you can use it to brew strong black tea. Once your tea has been brewed, pour it into a cup and add some milk and sugar. Now for the final touch, take another cup and mix the hot chai in true chai wallah style to form a nice froth on top.

Air fried pakoras

philips air fryer Recreate the same crispy and crunchy pakoras in an air fryer minus the oil. Unlike traditional cooking where your pakoras were dunked in oil to be fried, the air fryer fries them with superheated air using little or no oil. This way you can enjoy your healthy monsoon munchies guilt-free. Like this article? Also read: Add a Much-Needed Healthy Twist to Your Monsoon Munchies Whether storm or drizzle, make your hot cutting chai and pakoras to keep your allegiance strong to this monsoon munchies. Cover Image Courtesy:

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