What is it about monsoon that gives us the munchies? The sound and smell of pouring rain are hunger inducing. A strange and intense desire for fried pakoras to be precise. But while those oils-dripping, hot pakoras will satiate your monsoon cravings for the moment, it will leave you feeling guilty and slightly nauseous once you realise your oil-ridden blunder. To beat such oily woes, the air fryer has forever changed the way you enjoy your munchies. Unlike traditional cooking where your pakoras were dunked in oil to be fried, the air fryer fries them with superheated air using little or no oil. Here are a few of your popular pakoras recipes turned healthy with an air fryer.

Onion pakoras

onion pakoras The meanest, oiliest yet the best of them all, onion pakoras with chai is a monsoon staple. Turn this unhealthy fried snack into a healthier version of itself by making it in an air fryer. You can use the same recipe to make them but instead of using a wok of oil, place them on a slightly greased foil into the air fryer and enjoy crispy pakoras in no time. Read the recipe Like this article? Also read: Air Fryer: How This Low-Oil Frying Tech Works #Foodistan: India’s Love Affair With Caramel Custard The Monsoon Outfit Combos You Haven’t Tried

Green chilli pakoras

chilly pakoras If your taste buds crave a little spice, get munching on some chilli pakoras. They’re hot and spicy but not oily if you fry them in an air fryer. The method is pretty much the same once you get the batter ready. All you have to do is line them up on foil in the air fryer basket and let them cook for 15 minutes. Read the recipe

Lotus stem fritters

lotus stem pakoras When you’ve already had too much of onion, potato and chilli pakoras, try a different ingredient to make your snack plate interesting. Lotus stems are not only healthy but also delicious. Mix it up with some batter and air fry them to enjoy crispy lotus stem fritters. Read the recipe

Bread pakora

bread pakoras Bread pakoras make for a filling snack, but the oil-dripping sight can be a total turn off. Undo the wrong done to this monsoon pakora by frying it in an air fryer. You can batter up each piece of bread or make a sandwich with some masala filling and then air fry it with batter, either way, this will be a good snack to feast on during one of those gloomy days. Read the recipe

Cocktail Onion Samosa

onion samosa pakoras This may not be your typical pakora, but it is fried and is it delicious. These bite-sized samosas are filled with onions, rice puff and spiced with a mix of ingredients that give it a street food appeal, minus the oil that comes with it. Pair it with a hot cuppa chai, and you’re good to go on any rainy day. Read the recipe Cover Image and Images Courtesy: Shutterstock.com

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