Suicide Squad hits the big screen today. And no doubt many of you will have bought tickets already. In fact, a lot of you will have marked out dates on your calendars to remind yourselves of the next few superhero—or anti-hero—releases (Dr Strange is next!). And then there’s the slew of superhero trailers that were dropped at the just-concluded San Diego Comic Con festival. All we can say is, we’re expecting a thrilling time. One teaser that stood out for us - especially in the Justice League trailer - was how new superheroes were introduced (Hello, Aquaman!) without telling us how they fit the franchise. If you’re a comic geek like us, here’s a rundown on who was (and will be) seen in which DC/Marvel movie, and what their backstory is.  

DC World

DC Universe

1) Batman and Superman

Starring DC’s most famous caped crusaders, this movie released in March this year. While the face of between Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill) might not have gone down so well at the box office, fanboys and girls were introduced to many, many new DC faces. PS: Batman will also be seen in Justice League (2017), Justice League Part Two, and possibly a couple of Batman reboot films.  

2) Deadshot

Deadshot (Will Smith) shares screen-time with Batman in Suicide Squad. Though why Batman would want to meet Deadshot, his adversary and the world’s deadliest and most accurate sharpshooter, would be interesting to see (hint: it might be related to Joker). While Deadshot has no superpower as such, his ability to find his target makes him DC Comics’ version of Hawkeye.  

3) Harley Quinn

Harleen Frances Quinzel, or Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), is introduced as Joker’s love interest in DC Comics; she meets him at Arkham Asylum. First appearing in 1993, her character undergoes a dramatic change until Quinn is shown to be exacting revenge from the Joker for abusing her. How she fits in and manipulates the other members of Suicide Squad to do her bidding will be one of the highlights of the movie.  

4) The Joker

Harley Quinn’s one-time lover, as seen in Suicide Squad, the Joker (Jared Leto) is also the arch nemesis of Batman. And if you have wondered about the graffiti-strewn Robin suit, seen in the Batcave at the end of Batman vs Superman, rumours suggest that it was once worn by this Joker.  

5) Flash

We met Barry Allen and his alter ego Flash (Ezra Miller) in comic books, on TV and most lately, in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Which is why we were surprised to see a ‘young’ Flash in the Justice League trailer. After all, Batman once famously said of him: “Barry is the kind of man that I would've hoped to become if my parents hadn't been murdered.” We guess DC Comics is rebooting its legacy superheroes – which includes Flash, whose death was hinted at in a comic story years ago. Upcoming movies: Justice League (2017), Flash (2018)  

6) Aquaman

We first saw Aquaman, king of the legendary city of Atlantis, in this year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice; but he first appeared in a DC comic in 1941, so his resurrection is all the more glamorous for us. He was a founding member of the Justice League of America, which is the reference for his appearance alongside Batman and Co in the Justice League trailer. If you think he looks like a fish out of water in the line-up it’s because he has yet to find a true role to fulfill as a superhero. Until then, you can feast your eyes on Jason Momoa’s smouldering looks. Upcoming movies: Justice League (2017), Aquaman (2018)  

7) Wonder Woman

A princess from the Amazon rainforest, who is the daughter of the Greek god, Zeus, taking on World War II baddies? Yes, please! Gal Gadot playing Wonder Woman? Double yes, please! With such a strong background, we are surprised as to why Wonder Woman isn’t as popular as she should have been. But with her impressive show in Dawn of Justice and her upcoming movies in 2017, we are hoping she will finally get her due. Upcoming movies: Justice League (2017), Wonder Woman (2017)  

8) Cyborg

Cyborg completes the Justice League team as it will be seen in 2017. It’s the story of Victor Stone, a college-athlete-turned-Cyborg, with the ability to teleport and control technology after being tested with metallic implants following an accident. A relative newbie to the comics universe (he first appeared in 1980), Cyborg was initially part of Teen Titans, an X-Men like group for people who are seen as freaks by the outside world. He was later shown joining the Justice League members. While he was seen in Batman v Superman, we’re waiting to see more of his story on the big screen. Upcoming movies: Justice League (2017), Cyborg (2020)   Like this article? Also read: Why Every Adult Must Watch These Animated Films  

Marvel Universe 

Marvel Universe

1) Captain America

The first of The Avengers, the rebooted Captain America story, starring Chirs Evans has played out across five films since 2011. This year, we saw him face off against fellow Avenger and billionaire, Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War. Upcoming movie: Avengers: Infinity War (2018)  

2) Captain Marvel

We’ve been crushing on Brie Larson ever since we saw Room last year. So when Marvel announced that she will play Captain Marvel, we knew this superhero character, who’s half alien and half human, is safe in her hands. Often regarded as the mightiest Avengers character, Captain Marvel’s absence from the series has been a source of mystery to her fans for the longest time. We are waiting with bated breath to see her superhuman strength and energy on screen ASAP! Upcoming movie: Captain Marvel (2019)  

3) Black Panther

This is one character you might be familiar with, if you’ve seen Civil War, which we’re guessing you have. The king of fictional African nation, Wakanda, Black Panther has superhuman senses and can resist the influence of magic. He is also a genius in physics and wears a sacred costume made of vibranium. Over and above this, he can also control the zombies of the Marvel universe. We’re waiting to see more of this character. Upcoming movie: Black Panther (2018)  

4) Doctor Strange

If you thought the Avengers assembly line was complete, think again. Doctor Strange, as one of Marvel’s most enduring comic characters, is actually a part of the Avengers world in comic books. In 1963, at a time when America was discovering the ‘wonders’ of the East (such as ganja), creator Steve Ditko introduced the story of a brilliant surgeon who travels east to recover the use of his lost limbs and becomes a magic sorcerer and martial arts exponent. We’re waiting for Benedict Cumberbatch to breathe new life into this dusty superhero. Upcoming movie: Doctor Strange (November 2016) 


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