We’re at the Mobile World Congress 2017, and despite Samsung not announcing the S8 but saving it instead for March 29th, the phone manufacturer hasn’t shied away from making its presence felt at the biggest phone show of the year. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 particularly stands out as the next new convertible. samsung s3 1 With a new design that is slicker than previous iterations, the Tab S3 has a back made of dark glass, neatly contained within a metal frame. You’ll find four speaker (yes four!) along with a microSD slot and USB Type C. samsung s3 2 The 9.7 inch display is a HDR ready Super AMOLED panel that looks quite sharp to the naked eye, with AMOLED ensuring the blacks are rich. Good news if you’re looking for an entertainment tablet, HDR streaming is available and is a great reason to consider this tablet. It’s a good thing that there’s a screen calibration option in the settings so you can set the colours the way you want it. samsung s3 3 It’s great to see the S Pen come to the Tab series as well, a much needed accessory. Instead of using a plastic tip like most styluses, the S Pen has a rubber tip that feels a lot more like a traditional pen. It’s quite reactive to pressure and angles and we can see using this as a drawing tool for most projects. samsung s3 4 The additional keyboard is quite comfortable to type on while we tested it. It doesn’t need additional charging since the Tab S3 uses a magnetic connection though it remains to be seen how comfortable it will be writing on a daily basis. samsung s3 5 It’s a pity Samsung didn’t see fit to increase the battery size. A 6000 mAh battery is from the best in the market and one can only hope Samsung’s Touchwiz will manage to make the most of it. That being said, the Samsung Tab S3 is of the best Android Tablets to come out in a long time and we can’t wait to do a proper review and see if it can indeed take on Pixel C and its other competitors. Also Read: Under Rs 10,000: Tabs for Work, Play and Chill