A chill is in the air. No, not the kind that indicates that the mercury is falling, but the kind that comes with carved pumpkins, ghouls and other creepy creatures. As we mark Halloween, we’ve pulled out some occasion-appropriate songs you can hum to through the day!

Thriller, Michael Jackson

The classic that just can’t be missed. Bonus points if you and your friends do the dance.

I Put a Spell on You, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

Nina Simone’s cover of the same song might be more popular, but the original is so much better for that tortured Halloween feel. Like this article? Also read: 7 Recent Horror Films Perfect for a Home Entertainment System

Lori Of Death, Ragini MMS 2

Who said India doesn't celebrate Halloween? Here's a Bollywood track that will have you reaching for the light switch.

People are Strange, The Doors

Go all out and tap into your inner strange with this hauntingly introspective song which reminds us that, sometimes, we’re  the real creeps.

This is Halloween, Marilyn Manson

It takes someone as creepy as Manson to make a track from an animation film sound this frightening.

Burn the Witch, Radiohead

Some disarmingly creepy imagery, a track that builds manically into a crescendo and the genius of Radiohead. What more could we ask for?

Aake Darr, Darna Zaroori Hai

Another Bollywood track on the list and yet more proof that we know how to make creepy music just as well as anyone else. Also, it’s Halloween so… Darna Zaroori Hai.

Ghostbusters, Ray Parker Jr

Lest the music creep you out too much, we end this playlist on a lighter note. Here’s a reminder that if Halloween gets too frightening for you this year, you know who to call. Like this article? Also read: 7 Times Our Favourite Artistes Collaborated with Orchestras to Create Magic