Hello monsoon and hello jammed DVDs, static frequency and erratic microwaves, refrigerators and ACs. While you finally get to take a break from the scorching summer sun, your devices at home are welcoming a whole new season of doom and gloom. The monsoon season might not be the most gadget-friendly time of the year. That’s why it’s just as important to take care of your appliances as you would of leaking roofs and cracked walls. Here are a few hacks by full-time tech blogger, gadget reviewer and founder of Techlomedia Internet, Deepanker Verma on how to take care of your appliances in the rainy season. Deepanker Verma

Hack 1: Beat moisture

Deepanker: Dust attracts moisture during the rains and it can create trouble. Try to keep those gadgets clean regularly. Moisture is your worst enemy this season. It’s all around you in the air and influences fungal growth in your appliances. This affects the functioning of your gadgets. To avoid such trouble, clean your appliances with a dry cloth every other day or before you use it. Ensure you get minute areas like USB ports so that they don’t rust away. Like this article? Also read: 8 Hill Stations to Visit During the Monsoons

Hack 2: Unplug gadgets during heavy rains

Deepanker: When it’s raining heavily outside, avoid plugging any device to the electric point. High voltage due to lightning or other reasons can become the cause of gadget failure. Also, remove the internet cables or telephone lines. In addition to that, sudden power cuts are also a common thing during such bad weather. Gadgets like your microwave and TV are not made to withstand heavy power fluctuations and can get damaged. Therefore, it is wise to turn off certain devices and even unplug them if you can.

Hack 3: Be careful of certain electrical sockets

Deepanker: Make sure not to use electrical points that are situated at places where water can reach them. Such points near windows or damp walls can discharge electric current. Leakages can surprise you in monsoon. You never know which unsuspicious wall it might penetrate. Once the rain hits your city, be sure to check for damp walls and floors. If there’s an appliance close to these damp areas, unplug them quickly. Get the wall waterproofed in time to avoid damaging your gadgets or worse giving yourself a shock. Like this article? Also read: How To: Take Care Of Your Formal Shoes This Monsoon

Hack 4: Be careful while charging your gadgets

Deepankar: Never put the phone, laptop or other devices to charge when your hands are wet. If you want to use the laptop when it is on charging, use it on the table and avoid keeping it on your lap. Also, don’t charge your gadgets like the phone, tab or a laptop if they’ve gotten wet. Rain-drenched gadgets are dangerous when plugged in. There’s always a chance that they might go the Samsung Note 7 way. One more thing to remember.

Hack 5: Don’t leave your appliances unused

Leaving appliances ignored and unused in monsoon can cause them to get jammed or damaged. Once the moisture gets to these gadgets, it will begin to corrode them which in turn will affect their functioning. Make sure that you not only clean them but also use them now and then. Like this article? Also read: 5 Water-Resistant Smartphones That Will Survive the Downpour This Monsoon Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com