Let’s address one of the bigger issues about having a cat. No matter what you do, they always seem to find their way to your laptop. Most days your own laps might seem too drab for them but when it comes to your laptop, it’ll always be their happy place. And who’s to blame them, it’s nice, warm and cosy up there; except that this can turn into a real pussy problem once they get a little too comfy and start scratching up your laptop or taking up your worktime. For all those cat owners who feel this pain, here are a few hacks to repel that pussy from using your laptop as a bed.
Lock away your laptop
Once your cat gets used to lazing on your laptop, it’s going to be hard to break this habit. Make sure you always put away your laptop after using it. Keep it in its bag or lock it away in another room and shut the door so that your cat won’t get a chance to find it.
Make it inaccessible even when it’s not locked away
It might be a hassle to lockdown your laptop every time you take a pee or food break. So, in times like these use a simple hack that involves stacking a few light things over your laptop to create an obstacle. Small things like the tissue box, notebook or calendars randomly placed on your gadget will prevent your cat from lounging on it. cat
The box tricks
Boxes are like magnets to cats, there’s nothing as curious to them as a stray box. To keep them away from your laptop, just flip an empty box and keep it close to the laptop. When your cat comes in search for your gadget, it will simply see the box and get distracted, thus keeping your laptop cat-free. To keep them interested, change the box in a few weeks or so or when you feel the cat has lost interest in that particular box.
Use a laptop stand
Keeping your laptop at a certain angle or upright on a stand will make it impossible for your cat to lie on it. A little investment in a stand will be quite handy when dealing with this cat problem. Also Read: Is It a Laptop or A Tablet? Meet the Hybrids of Our Generation cat 1
Instil punishment mechanism
You can scare your cat from coming close to your laptop by instilling a non-harmful yet effective punishment. Keep a spray bottle filled with water around you when you work on your laptop. When your cat comes close to your laptop, spray them with some water. After a few times, your cat will register the punishment of getting close to your laptop and will naturally keep away, out of fear of having to deal with water.
Or just use a real repellent
Cats are often repelled by citrus scents. Use a citrus-scented cleaner or freshner around your laptop and the table you leave it on. You can also leave citrus peels in a small bowl on the table for the same effect. There’s no harm that will come to your cat with these natural fragrances but it will surely serve the purpose of keeping them at bay.