Whether you’re in Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh or Kruger National Park in South Africa, a wild life safari is always exciting. That rare chance to see wild cats and other wild animals in their natural habitat is educational and captivating all at once - for both seasoned regulars and enthusiastic first-timers. However, the success of your safari also depends on how well you follow the rules of the jungle.  These thoughtful acts will make your experience, and that of your fellow travellers, memorable and enjoyable.  

Respect The Wild

It’s important to respect the jungle. Honour it, as you would expect anyone who visits your home. Do not litter or throw garbage out of the vehicle, as it can poison animals who may accidently eat it. Save the trash for proper disposal at the end of the safari.  

Time Is Of The Essence

Each sanctuary has strict guidelines about the timing of the safari.  This is to ensure that animals can roam free and wild without being disturbed. It’s necessary to report to for the safari drive at the scheduled time; it’s also impolite to make the other guests wait. Also respect gate closure timing. Who would want to be stranded in a jungle in the middle of the night?  

Watch What You Wear

Wear neutral and earth-tone colours like brown, khaki and olive green that blend with the colours of the wild. Bright and loud colours can disturb and attract animals.  

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Ditch The Deo

Refrain from using strong deodorants and perfumes as animals have a very keen sense of smell.  Ensure the sunscreen and mosquito repellent (if required) used are fragrance-free.   Like this article? Also read: Snapshots Of The Kashmir Valley  

Safety Is Paramount

Do not compromise on your own and others’ safety by stepping out of the safari vehicle.  While animals have adapted to the noise and sight of the safari vehicle, they’re not used to human contact. Refrain from standing on a moving vehicle.  

Silence Is Golden

The wild is an oddly calm, yet chaotic place.  A loud noise can startle a heard. Your guide will tell you not to not exclaim or shout aloud in excitement, imitate animal noises or call out to attract an animal’s attention.  

Your Guide Knows Best

Always be respectful to your guide/driver while on the safari. Do not pressurize him to go after an animal or drive in a particular direction.  He knows the lay of the land, and the animals’ natural patterns, just trust and respect his judgment.  

Don’t Be A Mobile Nuisance

Please switch off your mobile phones or ensure they’re in silent mode. It’s impolite and to engage in a loud conversation while you are on a safari with a group. You will also be breaking rule# 6.  

Candid Camera Only

Ensure the flash mode is always off when using your camera. If you are editing pictures, turn off the digital beeping. Some cameras also beep and whirr when zooming in and out. The sudden sounds and flashes of light can seriously disturb the animals and ruin the experience for everyone.  

What Happens In The Wild, Stays In The Wild

Do not attempt to remove anything from wildlife reserves. In most reserves, it is considered illegal.  Further, you disturb the ecology of the reserve. Everything that came from the wild goes back to the wild.


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