Washing your clothes in a washer is just one part of doing your laundry, getting them safely through the dryer is the other half. Also Read: How to Be More Eco-Friendly When Doing Your Laundry These days dryers come with multiple settings to give you the best results for every type of clothing. These dryers are also designed to be more energy efficient when you use the right dryer cycle. Unless you are washing only a single kind of fabric every time, you need to be more mindful about your dryer cycles to maximise its utility and save a few bucks on your electricity bill in the bargain.

Regular Dryer Cycle

The regular cycle uses the highest heat setting available on your dryer. This setting is quite effective to quickly dry clothes. However, the heat inside the drum gets so hot that it can be harsh on your laundry. Your clothes are prone to shrinkage more often when drying on this cycle. Avoid washing delicate fabrics and coloured clothes on the regular cycle. It is ideal for towels, sheets, jeans, sweatshirts and even colourless fabrics that can withstand such heat. Also Read: Here’s How To Wear The Trickiest A/W Trends

Gentle or Delicate Cycle

Delicate fabrics like thin, lacy or embroidered clothes won’t be able to put up with a lot of heat. For such laundry, use the delicate cycle. This uses air that is just about warm to gently and slowly dry fragile clothing. This setting is also recommended for activewear since these garments can’t withstand a lot of heat either.

Permanent Press

The permanent press cycle uses medium heat to dry the laundry. This protects coloured clothes from fading and prevents wrinkling too. Clothes dried at this setting won’t wrinkle as bad as in other settings and in some cases are almost wrinkle-free to an extent where you can wear them without ironing. The permanent press should be used for shirts, blouses, dresses, jackets and for most of your everyday wear.

Air Dry or Air Fluff Cycle

This cycle does not use any added heat. It simply recirculates room temperature air inside the drum to dry, soften and add the fullness back in your fabrics. This setting is great to relax those really stiff jeans. It is also useful to fluff up pillows and other items like coats and comforters. You can also use it for ‘dry clean’ only clothes or those that have been stored for long and smell a bit musty. Also Read: The Weekend Warrior: How One Day of Exercise Can Save Your Life

Steam Cycle

The steam cycle does not particularly dry the clothes.  This feature creates steam within the drum that refreshes clothes that don’t need to be washed but could use a little wrinkle and odour removal. If you use a dryer at home, make sure you switch to the right dryer cycles to increase the lifespan of your clothes. If you don’t yet use this gadget, consider buying one this wet season, since air-drying your laundry isn’t really an option. Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com

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