The Vikings would be so pleased about the beard pride parade that has become the style statement of our days. But anyone with an unruly mane will agree that the quest for the perfect beard isn’t easy. It takes patience, precision and a good grooming gadget to tame it. So, whether you’re going for a stubble or a full-faced Santa fuzz, you will need these grooming gadgets to become the most dapper beardman in the room.

For a full beard

jake g When you have a full and thick beard, you’ll need a heavy-duty machine to calm that mane. The Panasonic ER-GB37 Trimmer is such a grooming gadget with durable, super sharp stainless-steel blades to quickly cut and trim your beard. It has 19 easy-to-select length settings from 1-10mm to give you the style you desire. Also Read: 5 Reasons You Need to Grow a Beard Now

For a short beard

Ryan r The messy, scruffy short beard is gaining a stylish reputation for itself. Give yourself a nice even trim, maintaining your beard just around your jawline with the Philips Multigroom QG3387/15 Trimmer. This gadget comes with 18 integrated length settings and 8 attachments for every kind of grooming need. Just remember to keep your unruly neck hair under control, so that your scruffy beard will have a definite line that will make you look like a sexy professor.

For a moustache and goatee

johnny depp Whether you’re going for the classic moustache and goatee or a chin strip and moustache, you’ll need a trimmer that will allow you to detail and outline your beard. Try the Andis BTF-2 Trimmer 11-Piece Kit that comes with six comb attachments and fine cutting teeth for trimming, outlining and edging your moustache and goatee. Also Read: 6 Essential Apps for Every Man

For a stubble

devid b The classy stubble is what separates the men from the boys. Creating this suave 5 o’clock shadow needs some effort, though. Use the Philips QT4005/15 Beard & Stubble Trimmer to maintain 3-5mm of stubble with a trim every two days or so. This trimmer features a 0.5mm precision blade to give you a close shave and has 20 lock-in length settings for a neat and even cut. Also Read: 5 Men Who’ll Give You New Grooming Goals Celebrate World Beard Day on 2nd September with a trimmer for your own beard  type from below.

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