2019 has been a phenomenal year in the world of technology. Some of the biggest things that we've been expected for a few years actually happened this year and many of these are all set to define what our future is going to be like. From telecommunications to smartphone design, from social media to quantum computing, and everything in between, here are some of the top tech milestones from 2019.
  1. 5G Cellular becomes a reality.
  2. IPv4 internet addresses are exhausted.
  3. Jennifer Aniston's Instagram debut breaks the internet.
  4. Rollable OLED TV R9 by LG that rolls away displayed at CES.
  5. Chinese probe Chang'e 4 becomes the first human-made object to land on the far side of the Moon.
  6. IBM Q System One, the first commercial quantum computer from IBM, is announced.
  7. Foldable phones are launched commercially.
  8. Modular TV screens are displayed to the public.
  9. Spot, the robotic quadruped from Boston Dynamics, is tested in the field by police.
  10. The Earthwatch Institute officially concluded that bees are the most important living beings on Earth.
  11. Apple launches streaming service Apple TV+, while Disney launches Disney Plus.
  12. More than half the world is using mobile internet (51%) and almost half the world (46%) is active on social media.
  13. Dyson Airwrap uses the Coanda effect to curl hair without heat.
  14. Food delivery by robots starts with Postmates Serve.
  15. Elon Musk launches Cybertruck.
  16. New kilogram measure comes into effect.
  17. HTC Vive Pro Eye introduces gaze tracking into mainstream VR.
  18. Apple makes an affordable reference monitor with Pro Display XDR.
  19. The first-ever image of a black hole is captured.
  20. 10x telephoto zoom on smartphones, thanks to Huawei with the P30 Pro.
  21. Pixel 4 introduces wave gesture controls, thanks to Motion Sense.
  22. Wi-Fi 6 standard introduced for the smart home era.
  23. C2X (Car to Anything) communication introduced by Volkswagen.
  24. Google makes cloud gaming mainstream with Stadia.
  25. Dell launches upgradeable gaming laptop with the Dell Area-51m.
  26. US Army starts using palm-top drones.
  27. Doctors place a patient in suspended animation for the first time.
  28. Sundar Pichai takes over from Google founders.
  29. Tiktok becomes the fastest app to reach 500 million active users.
  30. Google has imaged 98% of the inhabited earth.

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