If you did not get up early enough to watch the 2017 Grammy Awards, it’s alright. Though honestly, no it isn’t. You missed Adele flubbing Fastlove, her tribute to George Michael because of sound problems; you missed Beyoncé’s epic (and we mean show-stopping, jaw dropping EPIC) performances of Love Drought and Sandcastle, surreal holographics and all; and you definitely missed A Tribe Called Quest thank “President Agent Orange for his unsuccessful attempt at the Muslim ban,” before launching into their song, We the People. Other highlights included Rihanna and her hipflask, Bruno Mars’ tribute to Prince and Chance the Rapper’s big Grammy wins, which were the result of his campaigning to get The Recording Academy – which gives out the Grammys – to allow mixtapes and online-only albums to enter in competition. The rules were changed last July, which made it possible for Chance the Rapper to pick up two Grammys. And since you missed it, we’ve pulled out some videos for you to see while you wait for the repeat telecast.

Here’s Queen Bey Doing What She Does Best

Here’s Adele Murdering - And Then Killing It - With Fastlove

Then Watch Bruno Mars Pull a Prince

Also See A Tribe Called Quest’s Message to President Orange Agent

Clap Your Hands to Chance the Rapper’s Rousing Rap-Gospel Medley

These guys ditched their pants to collect their awards, Lady Gaga sang a duet with Metallica and show host James Corden (of Carpool Karaoke fame) pulled of a funny opening skit. Oh. And Katy Perry dropped a new song. But you missed it. Liked this article? Also read: This Stunning Video Answers the Question 'How Was India' Image via YouTube.com