Today marks one month since the last episode of Game of Thrones Season 6 was aired. And what a long month it’s been! Mondays just aren’t the same anymore without the show’s wonderful cast of characters dropping zingers on us. This season, in particular, the female characters broke the shackles of patriarchy and sexism that held them back, so that they could show the men a thing or two about taking care of business. Today also happens to be World All or Nothing Day – a day that urges people to break through limiting barriers, stare fear and adversity in the face, and commit to making the changes that will improve their life. With this spirit of Carpe Diem in place, we reimagine what it would be like for the amazing women of Game of Thrones to pit themselves against the everyday sexism and patriarchal attitudes that we’re trying so very hard to overcome in this country. Can you imagine the likes of Daenerys or Arya ever putting up with these regressive antics?  

Everyone who thinks your father has an explanation for the things you do that make him glad you left home in the first place:

01 Arya versus the patriarchy

Brokers who want you to fix your ways when they can’t even fix the broken toilet flush:

Cersei versus the patriarchy

Teachers who convinced you that girls are bad at math when the fact is that their opinions don’t count:

Lyana versus the patriarchy   Like this article? Also read: 10 Films That Would Be Improved By Cows  

Housing societies imposing curfews that magically vanish when the older folk have dinner guests:

Meera versus the patriarchy

Creeps at the bar who think they’re god’s gift to women:

Brienne versus the patriarchy

The guy in the office who thinks he’s sooooo funny with this "joke" that he recycles every week:

Olenna versus the patriarchy

All the servers in restaurants who write down nimbu paani even when you ask for scotch:

Khaleesi versus the patriarchy

Men who know what’s good for you because all Indians are his brothers and sisters:

Yara versus the patriarchy

The hiring manager who sends up more red flags than were raised during the Turkish coup:

Sansa versus the patriarchy

The mansplainer in the office who can’t explain why women constantly avoid him:

Melisandre versus the patriarchy


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