If you’re the kind who spends endless hours following #travelgrammers on Instagram, Google Earth’s new features are going to fuel your wanderlust like nothing else has before. Pick on your bucket list and head to Google Earth to explore Cambodia, Bali, Japan and all the world in a matter of minutes. google earth As an ode to World Earth Day, Google Earth open up the world to you through different lenses. From 3D views to a Voyager Tour of different places, here’s how you can explore the world better with Google Earth.

3D view of the map

angor wat The new 3D view of a city makes mapping so much easy. It lets you view places from any angle. This makes it easier to discover new places and to visualise better images of cities and other places. You can view the Eiffel Tower or the Angkor Wat or any other landmark in 3D. It also gives you access to Street View imagery contributed by other people and can share your own links to specific Street Views to add in more information to Google Earth. The 3D feature is all about giving a new perspective on the locations you visit or aspire to visit.

Voyager Tours

garden This new Google Earth update feeds your wanderlust immensely. This feature includes guided tours of various areas like World Heritage Sites (the pyramids, Taj Mahal etc.), with panoramic views of the interiors or landscape. These tours have been created with the help of some of the world’s leading storytellers, scientists and non-profit organisations. For example, you can take a Voyager Tour called ‘Amazing Urban Gardens’ that points you to beautiful gardens around the world and gives you more information about it. You can access the 3D view and Street View too when exploring each place so you get a better idea of that location.

This is home

this is home There’s another highlight in the culture category in the Voyager tab is something called “this is home”. It is a series of stories that explores some traditional homes of people and cultures that many of us don’t get to explore even when we travel to that place. Currently, there are five types of homes you can explore including a Bedouin tent, a Sherpa home, an Inuit igloo, a Reed House and a Greenlandic Illoq. You can tap each one to learn more about them. There will be more such homes to explore along the way so you learn more about places, people and their culture.

I’m Feeling Lucky tab

im feeling lucky Just like Google Search, Google Earth too has an I’m Feeling Lucky tab now to fuel your travel inspirations. If you hit it, it takes you to a random location in the world and pops up a ‘knowledge card’ on the screen with info about the place. You can access 3D and Street View to check the place better. This is a great way to stumble on new and unknown sights that you wouldn’t come across otherwise. Where do you want to travel today? Check out Google Earth to head there.