How classic of Google to launch another tool that can auto-suggest your thoughts, and this time it’s through your doodles. If your doodles look more like scribbles, this new automated drawing bot will analyse them in real time and suggest a more polished piece of art to replace it. This tool is rightfully called AutoDraw and is part of Google’s AI experiment series. You can access it here. You can then use the mouse or your fingers to doodle on your PC, smartphone or tablet. When you do so, Google’s intelligence engine catches on what you’re trying to draw and then suggests refined clips of things you seem to be going for. Here's an image of what we created vs what AutoDraw then recreated for us. Let’s just add that it got the drawing right most of the time. autodraw AutoDraw uses the same tech that was used in its previous AI experiment called Quick Draw, where the user attempted to draw something and the bot guessed what they were going. If you thought Quick Draw was a fun tool to use, you will absolutely enjoy using Auto Draw too. You can use this tool to make your own illustrations that don’t look like a child’s scribbles. You can experiment with it to make cute little works of art for fliers, cards or just for your Instagram page. Even kids can use this to get creative with their artwork or use it for fun. AutoDraw can also help artists, designers and illustrators who create drawings. They can use it as a quick hack to help them get on with their original work. Also Read: Turn The World Around You into One Big Colour Palette