If there’s anything that gives Android an upper hand over iOS, it has to be the extreme customization that it offers in each section. With each update, Google adds more ways to make your phone more personal to you. You just need to explore your settings to enhance your mobile usage to the fullest. Also Read: Fascinating Android Features You’re Probably Not Using, But Should! And if you thought that was the fascinating bit about using an Android smartphone, wait till you hear about Google’s new Android Taste Test where Google will make your phone more personalised by predicting your preferences. All you need to do is go to the site called #myAndroid Taste Test that makes you take a simple multiple choice quiz. This rapid-fire like questions are meant to understand your personality traits. Based on your answers, it will find you the perfect Android home screen. monochrome The questions include queries like do you prefer monochromatic or multicolour, warm or cool, patterned or random. It goes on to get more specific as you play along asking you what do you use your phone for, gaming, messaging, working or everything. android Once you get through all the 20 questions, it calculates your answers and accordingly it gives you recommendations for wallpapers, widgets, icon packs, launchers and keyboards to download. It also gives you a tiny description why each fits your taste and a link to the Play Store for it. results You can take this quiz as many times as you want, each change in the answer changes the algorithm accordingly. This feature is definitely a great way for novice android users or the ones too lazy to discover such features on the own. Through this tool, Google literally serves up a grand platter of your preferences that will make your android usage much better. Even if you’ve been using Android for long and know all about it, it’s a fun quiz to take to see how Google can assist you. Here’s a link to the #myAndroid Taste Test. Cover Images and Images via #myAndroid Taste Test