Looks like the holy trinity of digital assistants—Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana & Google Now, has broken with the launch of Google’s smart messaging app, Allo, that also has the efficient, Google Assistant. A treasure in every sense, Google Assistant is gifted with the demeanour and efficiency its contemporaries lack. That you can actually seek help from your Google Assistant by just typing, without having to word your queries out loud, aces the game for us. While Cortana and Siri would switch to chat formats on a bit of cajoling, let’s be real, when you’re in a hurry, ain’t nobody got time for that! Google announced Google Assistant in May this year, and now, the internet giant is offering a preview of the Assistant within its newly launched smart messaging app, Allo. A more updated version of the Assistant is likely to be made available in Google Home later.

Not a loud, standoffish bot trying to get to know you:

google allo 2 When on Allo, Google Assistant appears as a green button to punch into and use. Easy to use when you please, without exiting a chat you’re already engrossed in on the app. Something starkly different from your good ol’ Siri taking refuge behind the ‘home’ button. Launching like a chatbot, Google Assistant never talks back, at least not yet. Contrary to how Siri likes to reply in a particularly standoffish and reprimanding tone. Also Read: 5 Reasons We’re Excited About Google Duo

On point with follow-ups:

google allo 1 You could begin with a query about something you want to know. Google Assistant like its contemporaries, will present you with the answer. Now here’s the catch, you ask the Assistant a follow-up question on your query and it will promptly present you with a counter answer. A feature Siri lacks. For instance, you can ask it how many seas are there in the world and it will show you a search result naming the seven seas. You could then pick one sea and ask the app how deep it is and it will present you with the depth in numbers.  

Find a 3 am friend in the Assistant

google allo 3 Try telling Siri you’re bored, and it is likely going to give you a smart ass response that is great to laugh over, but not always helpful. Google Assistant, on the other hand, is a friend; the kind you could depend on. From sharing jokes to fun facts, Google Assistant will put its best foot forward in trying to pull you out of your misery.

Backing up queries as chat

allo Be sure, when you ask Siri a question and follow it up with the next your previous query just vanishes. So if your queries were a trail of thoughts, be sure to keep track of your trail. Assistant, however, leaves behind a trail of chats, like the metaphoric breadcrumbs in a forest. Now, within Google Allo, I am thoroughly enjoying Google Assistant. Not much can be predicted about its future once the Assistant makes it to Google Home. Until then, why don’t you try Google Allo for yourself, and let us know what you think of it? Download Google Allo: [For Android, For iOS] Cover image via xyztimes.com