One of the most seamless features on the Apple ecosystem has been the ‘Airdrop’ feature, which allows its users to transfer files between Apple devices easily. On the other hand, there hasn’t been a similar feature on Android – yet. Google might be planning to release Fast Share, first rumoured back in June 2019, soon since it has recently rebranded the service to Nearby Sharing.

How Does It Work?

This feature uses Bluetooth to establish a connection between two devices, then switches to a direct Wi-Fi connection for quick file transfer. After it was first spotted, with Google Play Services v20.1.03, the Fast Share service has been rebranded to Nearby Sharing. According to additional information in the same source, the devices must be within one foot of each other.

When Is It Releasing?

While the exact release date is not known, the rebranding and icon change indicates that the feature might be headed for release soon. Along with the recently announced cross-device file transfer service from Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo, Android users might land up with better file-transfer features than iOS. However, due to the fragmentation of the Android ecosystem between multiple manufacturers, this must be baked into the system to be available to everyone.

Is This A Trend?

The game of catch up between Apple and Google isn’t new. However, this year we’re seeing a couple of great iOS features making their way to Android. While we just discussed the Nearby Sharing feature, Android has also introduced RCS Chat recently, which offers a similar experience to iMessage from iOS. If the trend continues, Android users could have a great year ahead with tons of new features on the way. On the other hand, both Android and iOS could release entirely new features providing both ecosystems things to learn from each other.

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