You know that girl (or guy) who seems to do no wrong? The one who always leaves you (and everyone around you) wondering how (s)he always puts up such an impressive front? Ever wonder what his/her secret is? Here’s the deal: charisma. More often than not, it’s innate, but with a few tweaks in the way you conduct yourself can help you make that 10/10 impression too.
Dress well.
Grooming expert Rukshana Eisa feels that your visual impact goes a long way in contributing towards your overall impression. So dress appropriately for the event in question. This doesn’t mean you need to give a fashionista like Sonam Kapoor a run for her money. Being presentable and well-groomed goes a long way.
Exude confidence.
According to HR professional Anuja Deodhar, confidence is the first thing that catches one’s eye. “But sometimes, confidence can come across as borderline arrogance, so be careful not to overdo it,” she adds. Eisa adds that you should always extend your hand for a firm handshake (or its relevant cultural equivalent) to seal the deal.
Maintain eye contact.
Looking down at your shoes the whole time you’re interacting with someone is a big no-no. Consistent eye contact signifies confidence, whole-hearted attention and your interest in the conversation.
Posture is everything.
Posture is everything. Clinical psychologist Rupa Kalahasthi feels that your posture can make or break your impression. An upright posture, controlled hand gestures and easy mannerisms always have a positive impact. “Non-verbal cues are very important. A sure-shot tip is to mirror the posture of the person you’re interacting with,” Kalahasthi adds.
Remember names.
Don’t be that person who forgets someone’s name within minutes. It points towards a casual and absent-minded attitude. An easy trick is to repeat the acquaintance’s name back to them as soon as you are introduced, so that it registers in your mind.
Be a good conversationalist.
Which simply means listen, don’t just talk (or vice versa). Kalahasthi feels that this is a skill most people lack. “It’s necessary to take turns while talking and allow everyone to contribute to the conversation.” Nodding your head or throwing in affirmations always helps to establish that you’re not spacing out.
Non-verbal cues are very important. A sure-shot tip is to mirror the posture of the person you’re interacting with Rupa Kalahasthi, clinical psychologist.
Don’t overshare.
Deodhar feels that you can mould your impression by what you share about yourself. “How much you should share about yourself is subjective. So gauge the person and situation at hand and give out credible information-but only what's necessary. Avoid rambling,” she elaborates.
Don’t be a wallflower.
You can’t expect people to remember you if you are a mere spectator. Participate in the banter and have some interesting anecdotes up your sleeve to make a memorable impact.
Be aware and well-informed.
Eisa feels staying on point on the latest world events, books and films among other topics helps when socialising. “Don’t jump right into taboo topics like age, wage and religion though,” she warns.
Compliment others.
Be generous with your compliments, but really mean them. After all, kindness is always well-received. Don’t overdo it though, else you run the risk of coming across as a phoney.


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