Seen him yet? How about now? 01 reynolds garfield gg kiss That’s right. There is former Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield. He’s being kissed by Ryan Reynolds, Sexiest Man Alive. And he’s been caught on camera. This, despite the fact that Reynods’ gorgeous wife Blake Lively is sitting right next to them. We’re guessing, the latter was consoling the former for losing out to Ryan Gosling (for his stellar performance in La La Land) at the notoriously alcohol-soaked ceremony.
Garfield, who was nominated for his performance in Hacksaw Ridge must have felt extra pressure, since one co-nominee was his ex-girlfriend Emma Stone, who did walk away with an award. Luckily for him, Reynolds, Hollywood’s favourite clown, was on the scene to save the day. We have a sneaking suspicion that Ryan Reynolds never really stopped playing his prank-loving character from Deadpool.  

Are You Listening, President-elect Trump?

Not everyone at the Golden Globes ceremony was full of fun and light-heartedness. Several celebrities used the global platform to criticise President-elect Donald Trump’s xenophobic views. Viola Davis, winner of Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Fences, was the first to speak politics when asked about Trump after her win. Next up was Meryl Streep, there to accept the Cecil B. DeMille Award, whose own anti-Trump speech sent Twitter into a tizzy.
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We can’t wait to see what Trump has to tweet about this.


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