Along with rich experiences and incredible stories, Marathon runners have something else in common – their will to crush excuses and go the distance. Marathons require a lot of determination and commitment, but they also provide an exhilaration that many enjoy. Ahead of the Tata Mumbai Marathon on 19th January 2020, we talk to runners about their love for the long-run, their experience and the training that goes behind their performance. Here are some of the most inspiring things they shared.

Raina Solanki

It makes me feel strong, happy and accomplished. Running has changed my life, my preferences have changed, whatever I am today, whatever I will be tomorrow, running will definitely be an integral part. And more than anything it has had a visible impact on me. Today I am 26 kgs lighter than 2015 and way more confident

Ajit Kulkarni

Running Marathons requires a lot of focus, hard work and commitment. You need to plan and adamantly stick to it to stay fit for long-runs. Working out should be like your heartbeats. It can’t always be of high-intensity. If you are running a full marathon, you can’t only run and practice. Work on all components – speed, flexibility, core stability, strength and power so that you don’t tax your body.

Kanishka Khatri

The discipline it builds in life is incredible. Right from the preparation phase when you take out time for training, spending quality time with self, have simple and healthy meals timely; till the running event when you test your endurance and try going the extra mile, each step is in the sport is rewarding mentally and physically.

Deepak Oberoi

Getting together and running as a crew; pushing each other’s boundaries; imparting new skills & improvising techniques is what has kept the (running) community going.

Reuben Pandian

Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise’ - I certainly can’t confirm on the wealthy and wise part, but healthy for sure. It delivers happiness. Fitness helps transform one’s thoughts and sees one evolve from ‘You’ as an Identity to ‘You’ as a possibility.

Kavita Nair

I train season-wise. My year starts in March with a focus on speed training for shorter distances and targeting to test improvement in 10K timing by May. June is usually the base building so a lot of mileage but very easy paced runs. July onward I start training for Half marathons till about October and if possible run a race around the time to test the improvement in Half Marathon Timing. November to January is usually the Full Marathon season, where it’s a combination of mileage and speed.

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