Today, on Bakr-Eid, as we rush out to get our hands on some mutton biriyani, let us take the time to acknowledge the contributions to humanity by the world’s noblest creature, the humble goat. The Internet, in particular, has gone out of its way to pay homage to this majestic animal in a multitude of ways – ranging from the serious to the downright absurd. Here’s our list of the five strangest goat trends on the World Wide Web.  

Goats Are The Most Insightful Philosophers

01 goat story

Initially, everyone thought Goats Of Bangladesh was just a joke – a parody of Humans Of New York – but as time passed and the posts kept coming, we were introduced to the wide world of goats and began to see these noble creatures as being trapped in the same existential suffering that we all are part of. Goats have to deal with the same problems we do – contemplating our mortality, dissatisfaction with the governmentheartbreak – but they deal more gracefully with their troubles, often coming up with some real pearls of wisdom.  

Goat Video Games Are A Real Thing

The trailer you just watched was made for a game called Goat Simulator. It’s where you take on the avatar of a goat in an open world, and you can do whatever your heart pleases. Cue explosions, wild vehicular rides and multiple attempts to launch your goat avatar into orbit. And the best part is that the developers left multiple bugs in the game that lead to some pretty hilarious consequences. In case you’re wondering who would play such a game – reports indicate that over 2.5 million copies of the game were sold across various platforms and it garnered over $12 million in sales.  

Goats Are As Indian As We Are

02 goat story

Goats are every Indian’s spirit animal. Want to know why? It’s because of their incredible ability to “adjust please,” which is best demonstrated by their ability to find space for themselves on anything. AnyFreakingThing.  

Goats Scream In The Strangest Way

First off, did you even know that goats scream like humans do? No clue why the noise they make is called “bleating” when they sound like a guy having the time of his life on a rollercoaster. Now that we’ve discussed the peculiar vocal quality of our four-hoofed friends, let’s take a minute to appreciate how insanely funny this video is. When it was just one goat screaming it was so-so, but the entry of Bob Goat screaming out to his buddy, Ed Goat, in vain, had us rolling on the floor with laughter.  

Goats Are Taking Over The Music Industry

While we’re all losing our souls to pop music, our horned friends have been slowly making their way into the music industry and adding their melodious sounds to the merry mix. I know this seems a bit far-fetched, but really think about it – have you ever seen any of these musicians and a goat in the same room before? Didn’t think so.


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