I don't know about you, but the highlight of the grim year that in 2016 was the Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls. This show about the mother-daughter duo and their witty banter kept the TV screens buzzing back in the Naughties, and this long-awaited revival is chock full with nostalgic touch-points, too-real storylines and a whole lot of coffee. If you haven't already binged on the four-part mini-series yet, hit Netflix stat! In the meantime, without giving away any spoilers, here is a roundup of all-weather dressing according to the Gilmore Girls.


Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life Winter Winter in Stars Hollow (the town Rory and Lorelai Gilmore live in) is the stuff of snow globes and picture postcards. The opening scene has Rory sport an always-classic trend - a camel coat you could swoon over all day. But Lorelai's powder pink coat and blue beanie are #TBT as well as 2016's colour of the year. Here's the proof that fashion always repeats itself.


Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life Spring Florals is to spring what avocado is to toast and I don't care if Miranda Priestly feels otherwise. There is a grown-up way of wearing dainty flowery prints, as demonstrated by both Emily and Lorelai Gilmore. Looks best when accessorised with sass.


Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life Summer Summer in Stars Hollow is a full blown extravaganza of lazy crazy hazy days. Trust the Gilmore Girls to make the most of it, then. Their music festival inspired outfits are Coachella-worthy but the highlight here is the parasol both are complementing their outfits with. Only the Gilmores can think of bringing back this accessory.


Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life Fall The series wraps up with the fourth episode set in Fall, and boy does it leave dropped jaws in its wake. For those who've already watched it through, you know the significance of the black lace dress Lorelai is wearing. Can't think of anything more perfect than this, right?