A day to celebrate your loved ones, Valentine’s Day is just perfect for gifting your significant other or your best friend something that they would adore.   So, while you pick out a thoughtful gift, we also suggest you make it even more special by stepping up your presentation skills. We spoke to artisanal floral decor expert Uurmi Bhatia who shared with us the importance of gift wrapping and a few DIY gift wrapping techniques that your loved one will absolutely love!

                                                                  Uurmi Bhatia
                                                                  Founder - Mi ikigai

Craft gives me a sense of purpose, a sense of calm that nothing else can emulate in my life and it is a gift I have inherited from my mom, Indira Shah. She taught various crafts for around 30 years of her life and shared with me her innate gift to create. On my journey to share this purpose, I created Mi ikigai, my haven for arts and crafts. Mi ikigai specializes in artisanal florals that are completely hand-made and designed by me.

The Importance Of Wrapping A Gift

"When a gift is thoughtfully wrapped and put together, it communicates to the receiver of how specially they are thought of. The way the gift is presented sets the tone of the emotions that are experienced by them", she says. "So, let it not end with just the gift. Thoughtful additions to the gift wrapping can be a beautiful reminder of the celebration in the days to come."

A Photograph

Stick a photograph of you two on the wrapping paper with some washi tape. It is just perfect to bring back all the good memories. The photograph can later become a keepsake too!

Handmade Flowers 

Add a personal touch to your gift with handcrafted paper flowers. The flowers can sit on their desk as a reminder of your love. 
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Recycled Paper 

Newspaper and pages from old books make great wrapping papers. Add red paper hearts with messages of love as your gift tag.    

Use Fabric

Furoshiki – The Japanese art of fabric wrapping can be used for adding a personal touch to your gift.  

Natural Elements 

Adding a tiny leaf or a flower to decorate your brown paper wrapping can really enhance the look of your gift.  

(Check out Uurmi's work on instagram.com/mi_ikigai)