Soon Diwali cheer will be all around us, along with all the smoke, smog and pollution that’s synonymous with this festival of light. Fire crackers, from the one that sparkle and light up to the bombs that only cause chaos, have no real purpose than to elevate the air pollution levels all around. The morning after Diwali is not just tough on your stomach but also on your lungs. You can deal with the excess eating but what are you going to do about the contamination that's left behind from all the fire crackers over the week? The air we breathe was never too pure to begin with and post Diwali, it becomes polluted to threatening levels. And it’s not just the air quality outside, this threat is persistent indoors too. In such times an air purifier does not just become a luxury to own but a necessity. Also Read: #SureThing: Philips AC4025 Air Purifier Here are a few reasons why an air purifier could be a good buy this Diwali.
  • In 2015, TOI reported that even with a dip of firecracker sale, the level of fine particulate matter in Delhi’s air rose to almost 25 times the prescribed international levels.
  • Another NDTV report said that pollution levels were nine times higher on the day after Diwali in Delhi and most other cities weren’t far behind.
  • The Hindu also adds that during this time of the year 35 per cent people reported to clinics with complaints of bronchitis and asthma.
Such alarming reports makes you wonder how safe your family is in your own homes. You fuss about making sure your family eats healthy food and yet there’s hardly any thought given to the air we breathe every single second. Also Read: All You Need to Know About Dodging Those Extra Calories This Festive Season An air purifier can capture anywhere between 85 to 99 percent particles. Most of them have filters that keep away allergen and impurities that cause breathing problems. It also gets rid of second hand smoke and all the pollutants that make their way inside post a night of fireworks. The cleaner the air you breathe, the better will your health be. And that’s why an air purifier might just be the best gift for your family this Diwali. Find more air purifiers here

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