There is a new buzz word in F-Town and everybody is calling it… Tonal Dressing. Wonder what it is? You can create a look from head-to-toe with just one colour - all you need are its different shades. Oh yes, no one will battle an eyelid if you match your light grey top with dark grey jeans. No points for guessing, it’s already a favourite with the minimalists. Don’t believe us? An easy scroll through your Instagram feed will reveal it all - all your favourite influencers are sporting it with absolute elan. Here is our breakdown of this cool chic trend for your favourite occasions.

Sunday Brunch

For Him

Boys, leave the OTT dressing to Ranveer Singh - we all are fans of his whacky sense of style but let's face it, that's something only he can pull off. It’s the era of the crisp blue shirts again and we can’t think of anything else but a pair of dark blue jeans to create a winning semi-formal, brunch look. Your date is going to be super impressed!

For Her

Even if you’re a true blue maximalist, brunch is definitely not the time to reveal your OTT avatar ladies! Instead, get your hands on this super chic blazer and pair it with a denim dress - we would go for a straight fit or even a bodycon. Pair it with your favourite brown heels and you’re good to go.

Nine to Five

For Him

A good pair of grey trousers goes a looooong way. You can wear it with almost any shirt and look super sharp. But, have you tried wearing it with a dark grey shirt? We won’t be lying when we say you are definitely going to make heads turn in that big work meeting.

For Her

Of course, all all-blue look is a winner. But, instead of jeans, you might want to opt for something more delicate and edgy like a striped blue skirt. You will not only look classy but it will satisfy the minimalist in you.  

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