The Mumbai Marathon takes place in a little over a month, and we're sure you want to invest in the best running shoes out there.   Picking the right running shoes requires careful consideration, because much depends on your running style and the shape of your foot. Consideration must also be given to the terrain you will be running on. For example, road running shoes are lighter and offer flexibility, they also have cushioning that will protect the legs against jolts received from running on a hard surface.  

What to Keep in Mind While Buying Running Shoes

  • When it comes to fit, you might need to pick a pair of shoes that are half a size larger – this is because your feet widen and lengthen when they make contact with the ground (they return to normal in mid-air).
  • Even if you’ve purchased them online, try your shoes on at the end of the day. Your feet swell by the end of the day, and are at their largest. This makes it the best time to test the fit. Also note that there should be at least half a thumb length of wiggle room around the toes.
  • Wear the socks you’ll be running in to make sure your shoes fit comfortably.
  • Since both feet are never exactly the same size, make sure your running shoe fits the bigger foot comfortably.
  Keep all this in mind as you peruse a selection of running shoes from Brooks, the American maker of quality running shoes.

For Him

This black and orange pair features a breathe upper and a sturdy sole for maximum support and grip.
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Choose a vibrant coloured pair like this one that will surely be the highlight of your sporty look.
Featuring a specially designed mid-sole, this pair of shoes will give you just the right stability for a long run.
This bright lime green pair features optimum cushioning and a good grip. You'll love wearing it.
This pair of red shoes features a round tip that perfect if you have broad feet. The rubber sole ensures maximum grip and support too.

For Her

Featuring contrasting blue colours, this pair of running shoes is just what you need to train in.
If comfort is your priority, this pair surely won't disappoint. It features breathable material and ensures better traction.
Colourful and stylish, you'll never really want to take off this pair of shoes because they're so comfortable. It ensures the right support for an intense training session.
Featuring a cool design, this black and purple pair will add just the right amount of style to your sporty outfit.
This pair of grey running shoes has a mesh upper and a sturdy sole that provides support and a firm grip.