It's been a week since demonetisation was put into effect and the purse strings are tighter than ever now. From COD orders and impulse shopping to rationing for basic necessitates, this has been a involuntary aggressive detox from all our vices. In these Dickensian bleak times, when our fundamental rights are under threat, you clutch on to the straws of hope when and where ever you find them. Here's a cheat sheet to make it though this phase without giving up on your sartorial fixations. Keep calm and hold on tight. We'll make it through this.

Discounts Galore

ff4 While we all clutch on to our last hundred rupee note and queue up for the banks to help us out, the good news is that online shopping has never been this rewarding. There are sales and offers galore on every website you know. Use this to your advantage as you work on re-hauling your wardrobe for winter. Now is the time to invest wisely, though, so pick key pieces that will last through the season and beyond.

Small Investments

ff1 If you're like the many who've set up a shopping fund in cutesy piggy-banks or mason jars, you're feeling the brunt and we get your pain. If you're daunted by the many bank trips you'll have to make over the weekend, set up a reward system for yourself. Allow yourself to shop for tiny trinkets or accessories after you've completed the task. This should keep you motivated and looking good for the next time you visit your bank. We strongly suggest you begin with investing in a good pair of sunglasses stat.

New Trends, New Colours

ff2 Just like the new currency bills, now is the time to adopt a new avatar. Think minimal, think functional and think practical-enough-to-stand-in-a-queue-all-day. You might as well do a 180 and adopt the sports-leisure trend, now that our currency has decided to go down that road. Bonus points if you pick it in shade of 2000-pink or 500-grey.

Shop and Earn

ff3 You wouldn't understand the logic behind it (hello, modern economy!) but this is the best time to shop online. Use services like Paytm or Mobikwik to get cashback. Many banks are offering cashback and discounts too so you get used to plastic and shun paper altogether. Don't question, don't complain. All you need to do is think like Beyoncé and make lemonade out of this situation. Images courtesy