Guess what? Today, July 19, is Benedict Cumberbatch’s birthday. Well, if you are a true #Cumberfan of our generation’s Sherlock, you’d know that already. In the spirit of the British actor’s birthday and the sad fact that we still have months to go before the next season of #Sherlock is upon us, here are some unisex T-shirt ideas for you. Don’t worry, we have already done the sleuthing for you. Presenting your #Cumbergifts.

For #CumberGirls

sherlock grey tee

Sherlock Porpoise Cotton Top

You know those silly teenagers proclaiming themselves to be #Beliebers? Grow out of their phase and sport something you really believe in – which is Benedict Cumberbatch, in and as Sherlock.
sherlock cotton top

Sherlock Blue Neps Printed Top

If you have ever wanted to shout out your love for Benedict Cumberbatch and stopped yourself short, here’s the perfect solution. Wear this blue top and declare your #Cumberlove to everyone who can take a hint.
sherlock tank top

Sherlock Black Cotton Tank Top

Oh, you’re the subtle one, aren’t you? You’d rather let your tee do the talking for you and this black sleeveless top is exactly that. With one of the more obscure lines from the TV show as inspiration, this tee can tell a lot about both – your love for Benedict Cumberbatch and yourself – at the same time.

For #CumberGuys

sherlock t-shirt

Sherlock Light Grey Cotton T-Shirt

This grey t-shirt has all the ingredients to spice up your life once the opposite sex notices your love for Sherlock and Benedict Cumberbatch printed on it. The only questions really is, are you ready to play? It’s time to get your game face on.
crew neck t-shirt

Sherlock Black Crew Neck T-Shirt

There are cool black T-shirts and then there’s this Sherlock-inspired tee. Granted, it masks your love for Benedict Cumberbatch, but then some things are better left to the imagination. Try this tee and become the talk of your circle in no time, no locks attached.