We're pretty sure lately you've been bombarded with information about connected homes and smart gadgets. You must've even seen some of the magical things these a connected home of the future can do. But how exactly does one go about setting up a connected home? Well for starters you don't need to take it on all at once – you can go step by step. And Tata CliQ is here to help! We have created some Starter Kits for Home Automation. These kits comprise of hand picked smart gadgets to help you start dabbling in making your home smarter. Building out of such kits brings with it a host of benefits – for starters there won’t be any compatibility issues. You not only get a detailed step-by-step how-to guide but the sense of personal satisfaction you get for completing a project is totally worth it. As a bonus, it’s much cheaper to DIY than outsource to a professional too!

Voice control takes smart lighting one step further

This particular starter kit is aimed at controlling a bulb with just your voice. The kit comprises of an Amazon Echo Dot and a Syska Smartlight 7W LED bulb. The former is a small but mighty smart speaker that you can pop just about anywhere in your house to enjoy its benefits. Being a smart speaker, it’s not just limited to playing music wirelessly – it can also respond to voice commands thanks to its Alexa integration. All you have to do is say the word ‘Alexa’ followed by a command and have it carried out. For example, you could say ‘Alexa, will I need an umbrella today?’ and the Echo Dot will give you a forecast for the rest of the day with a special focus on precipitation chance. The second product in the kit is the Syska Smartlight 7W LED bulb, and as the name implies, is a smart light – meaning it can connect to the internet and be remotely switched on or off.

Here’s how to set it all up

  • Download the latest version of the Alexa app if you don’t have it already and log into it with your Amazon Account.
  • Unbox the Echo Dot and plug it in a convenient place where the mics can pick up your voice easily. The light ring on the Dot should turn blue to indicate that power is being supplied and then turn orange to indicate it’s in ‘Set up’ mode.

    The Alexa app

  • The Echo Dot should now create its own hotspot with a name like Amazon-XXX. On your phone, open up your WiFi settings page and connect to the hotspot. Now switch to the Alexa app and tap on the Menu icon on the top left. In the menu, tap on ‘Add Device’. Tap on Echo and then Echo Dot and then 3rd generation. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen until it’s setup.
  • Take out the Syska Smartlight Bulb and screw it in a regular bulb socket of your choice. Download the Syska Smart Home app on your phone. Register for an account and log in. It will ask to create a Family with details about rooms for easier management. Once that’s done, you will be taken to your home page where it will give you the option to ‘Add Device’. Tap on it to be taken to the Devices screen.

  • Now go to wherever you’ve installed the bulb and turn the bulb on and off with the physical switch for a couple of times. The light should start blinking rapidly to indicate it’s in connection mode.
  • The second tab on the left on the Add Devices screen will be the Lighting tab. Tap on it and tap on the ‘Lighting’ button underneath the picture of a bulb. Tap on it and confirm that your bulb is blinking
  • Enter your home WiFi SSID and password in the dialogue box in order to add the bulb to your home network (please note it will only work on 2.4 GHz networks – not 5 GHz) and finish the setup.
  • Now switch back to the Alexa app and tap on the Menu icon on the top left again. Tap on Skills & Games option and search for the Syska Smart Home skill and enable it. Sign in with the Syska Smart Home account you’ve created in step 4.
  • Now ask Alexa to ‘Discover Devices’. It may take a few seconds for the Echo Dot to find all the devices. Try out ‘Alexa, turn the Smartbulb on’ to check if it works!

  • Bonus Step: Your bulb has several other nifty ‘smart’ features such as being able to use it as an external notification light to alert you when your phone gets a message, or have it turn on automatically when it gets dark and even play party games with it! Go through the instruction leaflet that came with the box to know more! Now that you’ve got this basic setup done, the bells and whistles are fairly straightforward.

This starter kit is just the tip of the iceberg, and yet more than enough to give you a taste of how easy and practical home automation it is. If you wish to automate your home further, we suggest that you check out our ‘Smarter’ kits here. Have fun automating!