The 'Great Indian Summer' is here and its time you plan your getaways for the warmest months of the year. Escape to the beach or just chill in your bathtub or pool to take a break from the sweltering heat. At such times, unfortunately, everyone is hesitant to carry their smartphones along fearing water damage. But not anymore! There are plenty of smartphones that can not only survive a dip in the pool with you but can also take pictures underwater. The degree of water and dust protection in a phone is denoted by its IP rating. The IP Code or International Protection Rating consists of the letter IP followed by two numeric digits. The first digit indicates the level of protection from solid objects and the second digit indicates the level of protection from water. So now that we know how to classify the water-resistant abilities of smartphones, let’s check out phones that don’t mind dipping their feet in the water!   Please note: The IP ratings usually refer to fresh water and not sea/salty water that is generally more corrosive in nature. OEMs generally provide such additional details when they mention the IP rating of any phone.

1) iPhone XS

Apple’s flagship phone is one of the best phones available in the market. Its powerful A12 Bionic chip, stunning build quality and excellent cameras offer one of the most premium smartphone experiences in the world. Fortunately, the iPhone XS also comes with an IP68 rating. This means that the iPhone XS is suitable for immersion in fresh water up to a maximum depth of 2 meters for up to 30 minutes. In fact, Apple also claims that the iPhone XS is tea, coffee and beer repellent.

2) Samsung Galaxy S10e

Samsung has hit a home run with its S10 series. But out of all, the Samsung Galaxy S10e has proven to be a really popular device for not compromising on any marquee features in spite of coming in a really compact size. Impressively, the Galaxy S10e is also IP68 certified which means that it is completely protected from dust and can be immersed in up to 1.5m depth of fresh water for up to 30 minutes. What’s more impressive is that it retains this in spite of having the 3.5mm jack, which the iPhones miss out on.

3) OPPO R17 Pro

OPPO’s R Series smartphones have been really popular around the world for their incredible design and great camera capabilities. The OPPO R17 Pro is the first R series phone to be sold in India. While they didn’t officially state the phone to be water-resistant during the lunch, they later clarified on their website that the R17 Pro is, in fact, IP54 rated. This makes the phone splash-resistant and should help prevent damages caused by small spills or splashes.

4) iPhone XR

The iPhone XR was released alongside the iPhone XS and gained a lot of traction for offering a device very similar to the iPhone XS in design, equally powerful and cheaper than the latter. But probably due to the cut in price, the XR isn’t as water-resistant as its elder brother. The iPhone XR is rated to be IP67 water-resistant which means it can withstand in up to 1 metre of fresh water for up to 30 minutes. While this isn’t as impressive as the IP68 rating on the XS and XS Max, it’s still a great feature to have.

5) Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Note series from Samsung is popularly known to be one of the best Android phones available in the market. They’re usually packed to the brim with the latest in tech and innovation. It’s also a multitasking champ and its S-Pen helps take the experience to the next level. The Galaxy Note 9 continues Samsung’s tradition of providing its flagship phones with water-resistant capabilities. The Note 9 is rated IP68 and is resistant to water ingress for 30 mins in up to 1.5m depth. What’s more impressive is that the phone and the S-Pen, are both individually water-resistant too! Please Note: Water resistant and waterproof are not the same thing. If a phone is water resistant, it’s able to resist the penetration of water to a certain degree, but not entirely. Waterproof technically means that the phone is impermeable to water, no matter how much time it spends in water.