It’s official – Beyonce’s baby bump just broke the internet. Queen Bey announced her pregnancy on Instagram with a carefully staged photograph of her kneeling down at an altar of flowers (to herself!) in mismatched underwear, but with that unmistakable regal expression writ large across her beatific face as she looks towards the camera from underneath her sheer veil. In just a few short hours, the picture has already become the most-liked picture of all time on Instagram. Talk about placing massive expectations on your child!
Social media has made pregnancy announcements vastly different to what they were less than a decade ago. Gone are the days when news of someone expecting would slowly filter down the grapevine until it reached family and friends. Today, with one well-planned photograph, you could tell the whole world of the little bundle of joy coming your way. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds – creating that perfect pregnancy announcement photograph is a work of art in itself – something that some specialised professional photographers take very seriously.  

Anup J Kat

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As soon as you check out his Instagram profile, you’ll see why Anup loves his underwater maternity photoshoots. Combining his love for the deep seas with his eye for a stunning image, these maternity photos are unlike anything you’ve seen before.  

Chandni Dua

Dua’s aesthetic is almost ethereal. With provocative images that evoke a sense of mystery and beauty, her captures of your baby bump will be almost as much of a work of art as the one you have coming to life inside you.  

Bhumil Soochak

Rajkot-based photographer, Soochak, specialises in photography that’s natural and awe-inspiring. If you’re looking for something that catches your eye immediately, you can’t go wrong with his work.  

Anbu Jawahar

If the baby coming to you is going to be a source of so much joy and fun, why shouldn’t the maternity shoot reflect that? While Jawahar has experimented in a variety of different styles of photography, it’s his work on maternity shoots that offer an insight into the spunk he brings to the table.  

Puneet Bhatia

puneet bhatia beyonce maternity shoot Bhatia doesn’t believe in shooting at a studio since he feels that the subjects are always more natural and comfortable within their own homes. And judging from his intimate portraits, he’s probably right!

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