Between geeksplaining and playing with tech toys, take some time out to entertain yourselves with the drama of your own kind. Yes, we’re talking to all you nerds and nerdettes. The last few years has seen a rise of tech TV shows that blend together technology and fiction in ways that will keep everyone entertained. Some of these shows are so extraordinary they go through great lengths to portray technology in fiction with real-world accuracy. Here are 4 tech TV shows to introduce to your tech fan club if you guys aren’t binge-watching them already.

Mr. Robot

mr robot Finally, here’s a show dedicated to all the hackers of the world. It can be a little challenging to watch though, especially with all the technical realism and hacking terminology. The plot revolves around a mentally unstable protagonist who uses hacking to settle his personal vendetta but eventually gets involved in a revolutionary mission against corporate domination. You have to give this show brownie points for its dedication to getting details of hacker culture right unlike many other mainstream stereotypes. Also Read: The 5 Most Basic Things to Do to Protect Your Email from Being Hacked

Silicon Valley

silicon valley Silicon Valley is to techies what House MD is to doctors. This critically-acclaimed show is a popular satirical HBO series that follows Pied Piper, a start-up based on a revolutionary data compression algorithm and its journey. The story lines and characters look straight out from a tech blog and the show manages to capture the absurdity of the current start-up movement like nothing we’ve seen before.

Halt and Catch Fire

halt and catch fire1 This 80s-set tech drama set out to be the Mad Men with computers but turned out to be so much more. It dramatises the personal computing boom through the eyes of an engineer, visionary and a prodigy whose inventions lock horns with corporate behemoths of that time. The plot morphed over time to perfectly capture the technological revolution and it just kept getting better. Like a software update, each season of this show is refreshing and keeps getting bug-free.


startup Another show that creatively deals with technology today is StartUp. The drama revolves around a fictional crypto-currency called GenCoin, a potential multi-billion-dollar business on digital currency that could revolutionise the future of money. The concept is unique and interesting and the show focuses on capturing the realism of the world which makes it a must-watch for the tech-inclined.