The first step in gearing yourself for PC gaming is to update your system to match the game requirements. But you’ve probably already got that going alright. The next step into make your PC gaming experience a great one, is to match it up with some of the swankiest accessories. Gaming accessories are designed for durability and other functions including looking snazzy AF. Here are 6 gadgets that will be a treat to yourself and everyone who games with you.
AOC 20-inch Desktop Monitor
AOC G2260Vwq6HDMI 20 inch Desktop Monitor
This 20-inch monitor delivers high-quality visuals so that you can catch every detail clearly when you are gaming. The screen is built to reduce glare and has a good response time to quickly process images. It has an inbuilt ‘gaming mode’ that enhances game visuals and produces effective graphics. It comes with an HDMI connector that lets you hook up multiple devices like your computer and gaming console at the same time. Also Read: OMEN by HP: Level Up your Gaming Gear
Circle Phoenix Gaming Cabinet
Circle Phoenix Gaming Cabinet
Dump your boring old CPU box and upgrade to this kick ass looking cabinet. Not only does it look great, it is also equipped with multiple fans that help dissipate heat. Its metal finish and refined hem gives it utmost strength and durability. It is also compatible with ATX, micro ATX, and mini-ITX motherboards. It also as front access USB ports for your convenience.
Circle Wired Gaming Keyboard
Circle AdroitX7C Wired Gaming Keyboard
This gaming keyboard is equipped with 7 colour backlit mode that gives it an edgy look. It is designed in a way that you won’t feel fatigued even if you use it for long hours. It is made of environmental protection material and comes with a waterproof conductive film that makes it less prone to “accidents”.
Circle Ultra Speed Gaming Mouse
Circle CG MARKSMAN 2 Ultra Speed Gaming Mouse
Having a specialised gaming mouse is beneficial when gaming. This mouse features 6 buttons, out of which 5 are programmable buttons that can be used as per your choice. This mouse has been designed in such a way that it is comfortable for your fingers and is slide-proof. It also comes with colourful illumination and an optical sensor Avago A3050. Also Read: Glimpsing Into The Future Of Gaming
Circle Gaming LED Fan
Circle CG 16XR 12 V Gaming LED Fan
A good fan is what will keep your systems cool and running. This gaming LED fan is specifically designed for the needs of a gaming machine. It prevents your system from getting overheated or damaged due to the heat. It has a great life expectancy, good air flow and low noise level so you can go on enjoying your PC game without bothering of the load this little guy takes.
Digitek Wireless Headphone
Digitek Stereo DBHS 001 Wireless Headphone
A good set of headphones will keep you focused on the game while it blocks all external sounds. This wireless set is particularly helpful since you can cut away from all the clutter of wires when you play. It also looks stylish and matches the vibe of the rest of your gaming gear. Cover Image via

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