Naughty Dog, the creator of the Uncharted series promised that The Lost Legacy would be a standalone game with a lot of actions, exotic locations and impressive storytelling. With the new gameplay trailer, we finally get to see what they really mean. The protagonists here are Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross, tough women who rough it out on new turf—the Western Ghats. Looking for ancient artifacts in India, Chloe and Nadine explore vast swathes of the Indian landscape, which includes the much talked about quasi-open world of the Western Ghats. Josh Scherr, co-writer of the game said that the goal behind creating this wide area was to give players choices in the game than they’ve ever had before in any the other Uncharted series. In The Lost Legacy, players can choose where they want to go, when they want to go there, and how they want to approach combat. This is the first time they’ve built a plot in a non-linear way, where the player can choose to complete side missions or skip them. Also Read: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’s New Trailer Reveals More Gameplay

Here’s the Western Ghats Gameplay

As you can see, the environment is dotted with craggy mountains, crisscrossed by streams and waterfalls, and covered with lush foliage . With this game, Naughty Dog has created a much bigger playground, with a new approach of storytelling, which they call “wide-linear”. A player can choose between heading to the obvious landmarks and move forward in the game, or explore the ruins and collecting items scattered around the Western Ghats. Also Read: The Bags You Need On-Hand This Season Scherr also mentions that in a lot of areas there are three different kinds of dialogue, depending where Nadine and Chloe are in their relationship, regardless of how you get there. Side note: Expect a lot of back stories about the characters that influence how they feel about each other - it's marked by a lot of ups and downs. Shaun Escayg, the game's creative director, thinks that they have a great cast of thieves, hustlers, warmongers and a lot more bad guys to choose from, giving the Unchartered universe so many more layers to explore, which you can find out right away. Sony Interactive Entertainment and Naughty Dog released this much-awaited game on August 23, for Play Station 4. Grab your copy of this game from below. Also Read: Indian Travel Photographers You Should Already Be Following on Instagram Cover Image via Yotube

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