The time has finally come – the final season of Game of Thrones has wrapped up and there are no more episodes of the fantasy epic to look forward to. Based on the bestselling books by G.R. R Martin and adapted for television by show-runners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the final season has seen mixed reception from the fans. However, whether you liked the way it ended or not, it is inevitable that its end has left a massive gap in the lives of fans, a gap which can be filled by quite a few excellent shows that are equally thrilling, full of rich characters and enthralling storytelling to keep you hooked. Here are some of our recommendations:

The Expanse

The quickest and easiest way to describe The Expanse would be a ‘Game of Thrones set in space’. But that doesn’t do the show justice, as any existing fan would tell you. Based on another set of bestselling novels, another similarity that the show has with Game of Thrones is that the series is yet to be concluded by James S.A Corey, which is the joint pen name for authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck.

Source: Syfy

The story is set in the future where humanity has colonised most of the solar system. The plot starts off around the tension between the Earth’s UN, Mars and colonies on the asteroid belt, but quickly transcends into something much more intense and nail biting. Another thing to note about this show is its adherence to rules of science. Check this one out if outer-space science fiction is your thing.


If outer space isn’t your thing, science fiction still has a lot to offer. Westworld is a highly acclaimed TV show loosely based on a 1973 movie with the same name. The show takes on the complicated topic of artificial intelligence and handles it with sheer brilliance.

Source: HBO

Producers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have been closely involved in developing the show’s nuanced narrative around sentience and its relationship with humanity. The story has plenty of twists and turns and is highly unpredictable. That combined with the stellar acting from the entire cast and brilliant production quality makes this one of the unmissable shows of our times.


Based on numerous historical records, Norse oral history and legends, Vikings is based on the story of legendary Viking chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok and his crew, family and descendants. A funny but accurate way to describe this would be if GoT was all about the Dothraki. Currently in its sixth and final season, the show focusses on fewer characters and storylines than GoT.

Source: History Channel

Instead, it opts for exploring individual characters and storylines deeper. Also, don’t expect the show to be entirely accurate with historical depiction. Although, if you’re coming from Game of Thrones, we’re sure you can accept some plotholes, right?

House of Cards

Morally ambiguous characters? Check. Switching alliances? Check. Decisions that disrupt the status quo? Check. You could almost say that Game of Thrones and House of Cards were the same show, minus a few dragons and an army of the undead. From a plot point-of-view, House of Cards is Game of Thrones where Littlefinger is the main lead.

Source: Netflix

The performances of the actors carry the show to greatness, as well as its unexpected twists full of murder, betrayal and political connivances. Currently in its sixth and final season, the show begets a watch from all fans of political thrillers.

Boardwalk Empire

Another hit from HBO’s stables, Boardwalk Empire is well known for its attention to detail and stellar star cast. The show follows Nucky Thompson as the character tries to balance the dual lives of a politician and a mob boss. He is inevitably drawn into conflict from both fronts, which forms the crux of the show’s plotline.

Source: HBO

Nucky remains the focus of the show across its five-season run. Need another reason to watch this one? The pilot was directed by Martin Scorsese and cost an $18 million to make, with the acclaimed director staying involved in the show in different advisory capacities.

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