The Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ from Samsung were announced earlier this month and have already made their way to the hands of customers across the world. The devices boast of some of the best specifications in the smartphone world – like a QHD+ AMOLED display, Exynos 9825 (Snapdragon 855 in USA and China), up to 12GB of RAM and more. However, some of the best things you can do with the series are due to the numerous useful features they pack. So, if you’re already a proud owner of a Galaxy Note10 series phone or are considering getting one for yourself, here’s a rundown of ten interesting things you can do with the device that you may not know about:

Customise air actions

With the Note10 series, the beloved accessory S-Pen transforms into a magic wand with support for Air gestures. These gestures are completely customisable in terms of what they achieve. For instance, tracing a clockwise circle in the camera app makes it zoom in by default. However, this gesture can be reconfigured to change camera modes, switch between back and front camera and more. Even the action that is performed when you click the button is customisable.

Adjust side key action

A multifunctional key makes its way to the Note10 series right below the volume buttons. This button is customisable to open a frequently used app of your choosing.

This can be done easily by accessing the side key’s settings by swiping down on the Quick Panel, tapping on the power button and selecting ‘Side Key settings’ – or holding the key itself.

Pick your favourite pen

The Notes app allows you to save your favourite pens (up to nine configurations from six pens, thickness, colour) using an instantly accessible tab at the bottom of the app (marked by a pen with a golden star).

Once you’ve picked your favourite pens, all it needs to switch between them is a tap of the button on the S-Pen.

Step up Screen recording

The Galaxy Note10 series allows users to record their own reactions to what’s being recording in a picture-in-picture (PiP) mode using the front camera. The Screen Recording can be started using the corresponding icon in the Quick Panel. Once it is underway, there are options on the screen for real-time S-Pen annotation and front camera activation for PiP mode. You can even choose between a silent video, media sounds and media sounds+mic in the settings for Screen Recording – along with the size of the PiP video and overall resolution.

Link Galaxy Note10 to Windows

An easily accessible button on the Quick Panel makes it convenient for users to seamlessly mirror their phone onto their Windows 10 PCs. The Link to Windows option also allows them to send and receive messages, check notifications and access up to 25 recent photos.

As long as the same Microsoft account is linked onto the PC as well as the corresponding settings on the phone, the process is very smooth.

Connect Samsung DeX for PC

Now all Samsung DeX needs to work on your PC or Mac is a standard USB cable. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the application from the website, connecting the phone via USB will automatically launch Samsung DeX via a window on your screen. This facilitates easy file exchange, and more space to manage your apps.

Show battery percentage

To display your battery percentage beside the battery icon on the status bar, go to Settings > Notifications > Status bar and select the options to display battery percentage. To manage your device’s battery optimization, head to Settings > Device care > Battery > Power mode. The ‘Adaptive power saving’ function allows the phone’s AI to optimise the battery profile based on your usage pattern.

Use Bixby routines

The smart assistant on Galaxy Note10 series, Bixby allows you to automate certain actions using routines. While it comes with 14 default routines out of the box, it recommends more based on your usage over time. Things like ‘switching to Wi-Fi when you get home’ and more are automatable.


Organise camera modes

Time is of the essence when you’re looking to click that perfect picture. The Galaxy Note10 series allows you to rearrange your camera modes so that the most frequently used or the ones you will be using are accessible faster. Enable ‘Keep using last mode’ under the ‘Camera modes’ settings to open the camera to the last mode.

Access brightness settings faster

In situations like playing a video or launching a game, you’d like to be able to adjust the brightness of the display quickly. The Note10 series makes that possible with a single toggle. In the Quick Panel, tap on the downward arrow beside the brightness slider, and enable ‘Show control on top’. Now the brightness slider will be accessible with a single swipe down.

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Image Courtesy: Samsung, Shutterstock