Working with the right gear can take your performance to the next level.  The right laptop can save you hours of work, a great pair of headphones can help you focus on your work, and much more. We've curated a list of useful tech gadgets and tips on how to make the most of them for you - because limited tools shouldn't stand between you and your ambitions.

Go portable with a thin & light laptop

If you like to get things done while staying light and breezy, you should go for a lightweight laptop to keep things moving. Don't forget to keep your work safe with an antivirus.  

Pack power with a gaming laptop

For some roles and tasks, you cannot compromise on power. In such professions, you need to go for a power-packed laptop, something along the lines of a gaming laptop. Additionally, keep restarting it regularly to get peak performance.  

External Hard drive

When you need portable high-capacity storage, an external hard drive is what you should be going for. For critical work, take regular backups to stay safe from system failures.  


Going for an SSD storage solution for your laptop or system ensures that your important applications can run unhindered by disk reading speeds. SSDs provide quick access to any applications installed on them.  


For quickly transferring files for a meeting or for another system, keep a pendrive handy. To ensure the safety of the data onboard, use a third-party encryption tool to lock the drive.  


To make the most of your printer, keep it switched to ink-saving or economy mode. The quality of the print is rarely compromised on leading printer models, and economy mode keeps it eco-friendly.  


It's easy to blame a smartphone for distractions, but true productivity enthusiasts will use the right apps on it to plan their own daily life like a true professional. Pick a device with great multitasking options.  


Does music keep you going? Then opt for a great pair of headphones to immerse yourselves into your favourite work tunes and keep every distraction away. You can even tune into career podcasts to stay motivated throughout the day.  


Even the most dedicated professionals can occasionally lose track of things to do. Use a smartwatch to keep your reminders just a tap away, and never miss a task again.  
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