Every season has its own charm, while December calls for parties and get togethers, the early months of the new year are perfect to get a little rest and me-time. The weather is pleasant and makes for a good setting to lay low and catch up on things you missed out on. So put on your pyjamas, heat up the popcorn and spend the rest of your day with these gadgets that will make even staying at home fun.

Catch up on that movie you missed

Panasonic TH-W55ES48DX 1388cm 55 inchFull HD Smart LED TV
Is work and social life disrupting your movie time? Have you even gotten the time to watch some of the best releases from last year? Well, get on with the times and catch up on movies that are still pending on your watch list. Having a wide-screen TV like this Panasonic 55" one will make watching movies at home a spectacular experience. Also Read: Got A New Smartphone? Check Out These Essential Accessories to Go with It

How about some Netflix?

Put your Netflix subscription to good use. Stream movies to your wide screen telly with this fire stick. If you don’t have a smart TV, you can use this gadget to make it smart. This gives you access to stream all kinds of online content like movies, music and games to your TV. Also Read: 9 Winter Movies to Stream on Your Big Screen When It’s Too Cold to Go Outside

Add in sound effects

LG OM7550D Bluetooth Home Theatre System Black
Whether you’re watching a movie or streaming a TV show, having good sound to go with it makes a big difference. Recreate a cinematic feel in your own living room with this LG home theatre. The best part is that this gadget lets you connect to your TV and other devices wirelessly.

Grab some munchies

Orbit Chuck 1200 W Popcorn Maker BlackSilver
The cool weather and the smell of fresh, buttery popcorn makes for a great combination. Have your own popcorn maker at home to treat yourself to this perfect snack on your day in.

Unwind with a good book

Catching up with a good book also seems like an ideal plan for a good day at home. If you can’t decide what to read, switch between as many books as you want on your Kindle. This particular Kindle has a glare-free screen and night light that lets you read comfortably in all light conditions. Also Read: Jewellery To Gift Her This Valentine’s Day Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com