There are two kinds of people, the first kind that pull out their backpacks and suitcases with the coming of every long weekend, and the second that get euphoric at the thought of spending the next few day in their pyjamas. If you’re the first kind, here are some places that make for great monsoon getaways. But if you’re a true homebody and can’t wait to get under the blanket and turn on the entertainment, these epictronic gadgets could make things a lot better. Set yourself free from that old idiot box and upgrade your home to these new and now devices, so that you can turn your long weekend into a worthy staycation.
A Smart TV for Smarter Entertainment
LG smart led tv
Who watches cable TV anymore? It’s all about streaming your movies and TV shows these days. Switch from watching Netflix on your phone to a bigger screen, with this LG Smart TV. With an 80cm wide screen, this Full HD TV also comes with Miracast, so you can use it to connect your smartphone, tablet and other devices without wires, enabling easy transfer and sharing of your digital contents right on the TV screen. Also read: How to Make the Most Of Your TV In 2017
A Chromecast to Stream Media
Google Chromecast
If you aren't ready to upgrade your TV just yet, use a Chromecast to access smart features. Connect this gadget to your TV and access a wide range of apps like YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar and more.
A MacBook to Multitask
Macbook air
Want to play a game, stream a movie and do other things on your laptop in one go? Then you need a multitasker like this MacBook Air. It is powered by a 1.6 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB RAM which makes it a superfast device. Also Read: Most Iconic Moments in Independent India’s Fashion History
A Portable Hard Drive So You Never Run Out of Things to Watch
WD hard drive
Now that the plan is to stay in and stay entertained all through the long weekend, you should make sure you don’t run out of things to watch. Get this 4TB hard drive to gather and store all the shows and movies you can. This hard drive has a built-in AES hardware encryption that safeguards your data from unauthorized access.
An e-Reader to Binge Read
Kindle Voyage AMZN1013 Ebook Reader Wi - Fi
Are you the kind who can sit for endless hours by the window, sipping on chai and reading a book? Then the Kindle is going to be your best buddy all weekend. Do you like reading the classics or crime fiction? Store them all on this one device and read whatever you want, whenever you want. This Kindle Voyage has an adaptive light sensor that lets you read in all light conditions without straining your eyes. Also Read: 6 Brilliant Books Which Were Originally Independently Published
A Power Bank to Keep Your Stuff Charged, Always
Xiaomi 20000mAh Mi Power Bank 2
Don’t get glued to the charging point in one corner of your room. Use a power bank to keep your smartphone or tablet charged wherever you are. This way you can spend the weekend plonked happily in your sweet spot on the couch.
A Good Headset to Block Out the World
jbl headphones
The idea of a staycation at home is to block out the world and enjoy the long weekend. These powerful JBL headphones will help you do just that. Cut out all the background sounds, and tune into your own music, watch a movie or play a game without being disturbed.
A Play Station to Host a Gamethon
Sony Play station
Talking about games, host your own gamethon this long weekend with a play station. Whether you want to call friends or take over player one and two by yourself, this updated gaming machine will keep you well-entertained through your staycation at home. Cover image courtesy: