The gadgets of yesteryears lasted through decades but technology today ages faster. Our gadgets are getting compact and much more powerful. To keep up with times, we must move from one tech to the other or we’ll be left behind kick-starting older versions. Also Read: 7 Innovative Gadgets to Upgrade Your Health and Fitness Goals But between these upgrades, the gadgets of our past are often left lingering in corners, sometimes completely useless. Adapting to new tech will become easier if you let go of the old. Here are some of those greying gadgets in your home that could use some recycling.
landline With wireless, portable cell phones, why would anyone still rely on this islanded piece of technology that generates a monthly bill whether you use it or not. It’s time to disconnect the landline.
Low-end digital cameras
digital camera Most digital cameras are low-end. They can hardly come close to the quality of a DLSR. They are also easily replaceable by your smartphone camera, since most of our phones come with an 8-mp to even a 20-mp camera. Why would you want to carry an additional gadget then that does not stand out in any way?
Alarm clocks
alarm clock Firstly, they take up space on your bedside table and secondly your smartphone can set you an alarm, or two or five until you wake up.
CDs and DVDs
cds When was the last time you used a CD or even a DVD? Modern music systems in our homes and cars have a USB port that connects to a pen drive or your smartphone that’s loaded with music. Why would we then keep DVDs, with limited music that are prone to dysfunction with the tiniest scratch! Also Read: Playback from the 90s: Why We Miss Those Good Old CD Playing Days?
buttons Gadgets with buttons were so Y2K! Everything has a touch screen now. So, you can consider doing away with gadgets that still have buttons.
Remote control
remote With smart TVs and voice assistants on TVs, remote controls are going to get obsolete soon. Why be bound to a remote that gets lost anyway, when you can command your TV to do as you please without it.
wrist watch Wristwatches were meant to become obsolete the moment smart watches hit the market. With a bunch of new features and swanky design, who’d want to stick by the one-dimensional time-telling gadget. Also Read: Why the Smartwatch Could Be Your Best Buy of The Year
wires Wires might be still around but with wireless internet, wireless headphones, wireless phones, wireless chargers, wireless mouse etc. we might as well get used to getting rid of wires. Also Read: Wireless Headphones: The Good, Bad and the Ugly Image courtesy: