The gathering grey clouds are a sign that you need to stop and put away your gadgets, lest another one succumbs to a drizzle. Monsoon isn’t the most tech-friendly time of the year. It doesn’t take a flood or a storm to wreak havoc with your daily gadgets, a wet pocket is enough to derange a good smartphone. So, unless you want to spend the next three months shielding away your gadgets every time you step out, you might want to get these waterproof essentials that won’t slow you down even in a downpour.

A phone that can handle more than a drizzle

There’s only so much a phone case can do before you have put it away when its pouring. Unless you have a phone that comes with water resistant or water proof features, it will always be prone to rainwater damage. Phones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 come with an IP68 and IP67 rating that makes them splash proof and water resistant. Based on these ratings, such phones can survive being submerged in up to 1m to 1.5m of water for 30 minutes. That means these phones are safe enough for a rainy day. Like this story? Also Read: How To: Take Care of Your Phone This Monsoon Your Guide To Staying Waterproof This Monsoon The Definitive ‘Stay Safe This Monsoon’ Checklist

Never plug out with water resistant wireless headphones

Stay connected to your phone in the pouring rain while it is safely tucked inside your bag. With wireless headphones, you can continue to listen to music or get on a call without having to expose your phone to the weather outside your bag. A good pair of water resistant headphones like the Jabra Halo will further make sure that they don’t get damaged by the rains either.

A fitness tracker for all seasons

If you won’t hold back on your fitness routine in monsoon, why should your fitness tracker hold back on you? An all-season fitness tracker like the Xiaomi Mi band is IP67 certified which makes it dust and water resistant. It has a built-in GPS that tracks your steps, calories and heart rate without you having to carry your phone when you’re out exercising.

Capture rainy memories fearlessly with a GoPro

The cool weather and lush greenery makes the monsoon season a great time to travel. But travelling without a well-equipped camera to capture those memories can be a deal breaker. This makes the GoPro perfect for monsoon travellers. This camcorder is designed for rugged travels and is water and dust proof. You can trek in the rains or pick an aqua sport, this 10-MP camera is safe to carry around for all your adventures.

A Bluetooth speaker fit for a rooftop rain party

What good is a rain party without some music. Perfect for such monsoon gettogethers, the Altec Lansing Life Jacket 2 speakers come with an IP67 rating that makes it water resistant. It is safe to use in the rains as it is shock proof too. Its powered by a 16-hour battery which makes it a perfect player to keep the music going on all evening. Cover Image Courtesy:

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