With all those air conditioners running on full power, all day, it’s no surprise to stumble upon an unfortunate power cut, every now and then. A power cut in summer could seem like the worst thing to happen but instead of moaning about it, be prepared to deal with it. Since most of us don’t own a generator, all we can do is rely on some fresh breeze and a good distraction to get through. Here are some handy gadgets to have around on a powerless night like this.

Eveready Innova DL91 Rechargeable Torch

Eveready Innova DL91 Rechargeable Torch


Your mobile flash can be only so powerful to help you get through the night. Moreover, why would you want to waste your precious mobile battery? Instead, keep this Eveready torch around that has the power to stay lit up for four hours in a stretch.

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Amazon Kindle Voyage

Kindle Voyage AMZN1013 Ebook Reader Wi - Fi


There’s nothing like a good story to get you engrossed and forget about the crisis around. The Kindle can last you for days on a single charge and is sure to get you through these few hours. There’s no stopping you from reading even when there’s no light. With a Kindle, you can choose from multiple books to read all day and night. It has a light sensor that makes it comfortable to read even at night so that your eyes don’t feel stressed.

Tata Swach Water Purifier Bottle

Tata Swach Insta Sip 650ml Water Purifier Bottle


In case of emergencies where you don’t have filtered water on hand and can’t use the water filter because of a power cut, have this bottle purifier around. You can fill water directly from the tap and rely on this bottle to filter it for you.

Callmate 20000 mAh Power Bank

Callmate 20000 mAh Power Bank


Losing power can still be manageable, but losing your smartphone battery can cause you to lose your mind. A heavy-powered 20000 mAh power bank can charge your phone from 0 to 100 percent at least 5 to 6 time, so roommates or you don’t have to go through your biggest fear of not being able to use your smartphone.

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JBL Flip 2 Bluetooth Mobile/Tablet Speaker

JBL Flip 2 Bluetooth MobileTablet Speaker New Black Edition


Not even a power cut is enough to stop you from enjoying some good music. Hook up your phone to a good Bluetooth speaker like this on and enjoy your time with some nice music that will distract you just enough.

APPLE iPod Shuffle

APPLE iPod Shuffle 2 GB Grey


If you want to save your smartphone for other things, you can use this all-time reliable iPod shuffle for your music. This may not have Bluetooth but you can still connect it to your speaker with an AUX cord. So, get that summer party started already.

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