If you want to make a better commitment to your New Year’s resolutions, which are usually all about getting fitter, healthier and sleeping better (according to Forum Mantra), we suggest you get a little help. Not from a friend, he or she may not motivate you sufficiently. We recommend you turn to technology. These gadgets are easy to use, reliable and will definitely help you make better progress this year. Also Read: The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Eating in The New Year

Fitness Tracker: To Exercise Better

fitbit flex
If you want to get more exercise and lose weight in 2018, a wearable device like the FitBit Flex 2 will help motivate you to stick to your resolution. This gadget is designed to track your activities by counting how many steps you take, distance you cover and calories you burn. The app on your phone, which is connected to the tracker, will then interpret the data and keep you updated about your progress. It will prod you to stick to your goal, encourage you on your way and praise you when you achieve them.

Soup Maker: To Eat Better

tefal soup maker
Whenever people talk about eating better, you’ll always hear them mention eat more veggies. And what better way to add more veggies to your diet than souping them. Soups make for a delicious and satisfying way to consume more veggies. It is also a perfect meal for any winter day. Souping also happens to be one of the biggest health trends for2018. So what are you waiting for - soup up! You can use this Tefal soup maker to make different kinds of soups with its four cooking programs. Also Read: #NowAndWow: This Is The Only Bomber Jacket a Guy Needs Right Now

Coffee Maker: To Drink Better

Tefal coffee maker
Coffee might have not been the first thing you’d expect when we say healthy drinking, but there’s no juice or drink that can make you feel as alive as coffee can. The honest truth is that we can’t let go of coffee, but what we can do is skip sugary coffeehouse drinks that taste amazing but aren’t exactly kind to our waistline. Instead, buy your own coffeemaker and enjoy that same strong brew at home. In fact, you can make it healthier by cutting out all the added sugar, syrup and cream and adding superfoods like MCT oil, collagen peptides, and maca to your super coffee. This Tefal coffee maker can brew six cups of coffee every morning to keep you up and going.

Sleep Tracker: To Sleep Better

Fitbit alta hr
Health experts want you to sleep better but also sleep more. A good night’s sleep will affect your health and mood and make you more productive. If you want to unlock the benefits of sleeping, a sleep tracker will help you achieve your goals. It will not sing you a lullaby or put you to sleep, but it will track your sleep stages and give you valuable insights on how you can work towards a consistent routine. It will then send you reminders to stay on track, which will eventually train you to sleep better. The FitBit Alta HR is a fitness tracker that also records your accelerometer data and your heart rate to give you a deeper sleep analysis. It estimates what stage of sleep you enter and tracks how long you stay in each phase. Based on each night’s findings, it offers encouragement and information on how to sleep better.

Kindle: To Read More

Kindle paperwhite
Reading is like a superfood for your brain. Experts have proved that people who read even 30 minutes every day live longer. So, if you want to get through more book, develop a healthy reading pattern and eventually live longer, the solution is owning a Kindle. Update to this e-book reader to read more in the new year. Also Read: 5 Ways A Kindle Is Helping You Read More Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com